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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blogger New Comment Moderation Email Bug

For blogs on Google Blogger (blogspot) the optional moderation emails with new comments used to allow to “Publish”, “Delete” or “Mark as spam” as well as “Moderate comments for this blog”.

But since around a day ago only “Moderate comments for this blog” link is in these emails making it very hard to use as this link does not end up on the comment in question but just shows the Awaiting moderation list.

This must be a bug or bad decision by Google that needs to be restored. Not that I have that many comments but I can imagine the pain for bloggers with 10 or 100 comments per day. Do you have this problem?

UPDATE: 2012-04-15, problem solved. 2012-04-17, problem is back again. It took until 20012-05-29 and the problem is solved again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Server rejected for animated GIF files

Today I got this error in Windows Live Writer when I tried to publish a post that included an animated GIF file.

"Can't publish files" "The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error."

When I tried to upload the GIF directly to Picasa Web Albums using Chrome the progress just hanged like this.

Or the Server rejected error as seen in Internet Explorer.

Anyone else seen this issue? Hopefully I'm not alone and that Google fixes this bug ASAP.

UPDATE: The problem has been fixed.

Monday, November 21, 2011

500 Internal Server Error bX-7sd12g

Problem to post from Microsoft's Windows Live Writer to Blogger (blogspot): The server reported an error with the following web address: 500 Internal Server Error bX-7sd12g.
It is also problem to open posts from WLW.
Workaround for now is to use the the Blogger website.
It seems also to work to post a draft from WLW and then post it from the web interface in Blogger.
Hopefully Google comes with a solution to this bug soon.

Update: Another bug is that the url created contains the first words from the post and not from the title as it should.

Update 2: A intermediate fix that works with Windows Live Writer is to make the post as usual in WLW, including images and then click on "Post draft to blog", ignore any errors, then click on "Publish" and ignore the errors. This will solve both the url problem and the post will be posted to your blog.

This problem also exist with other blog applications and it might work with the same workarounds too.

Update 3: November 23 and the issue with posting and opening blogs is fixed as well as the issue with the url.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Better description for Google+ links

When adding a link on Google+ (My Google+ profile) I found that the description was not from the actual blog post but from some text I have in a column to the left of my blog. At least it is possible to remove the description within Google+.

It’s right now not possible when the +1 button is used, hopefully it will be eventually.

As I have a Google Blogger Blogspot blog I tried to find a better solution for this.

On the API page for the +1 button I found a bit of information using microdata, Open Graph protocol or Meta "title" and "description" tags.

I edited the blog template after taking a backup of it.

<body itemscope itemtype=''>

I got this error editing the template: Attribute name "itemscope" associated with an element type "body" must be followed by the ' = ' character.

So I changed it to:
<body itemscope='' itemtype=''>

<h3 class='post-title' itemprop='name'>

<p itemprop='description'><data:post.body/></p>

Adding itemprop='description' to <p> did not work so I instead added it to

<div class='post-body' itemprop='description'>

What finally worked for me was:

<body itemscope='' itemtype=''>

<h3 class='post-title' itemprop='name'>

<div class='post-body' itemprop='description'>

Now trying to share a link the description is taken from the blog post instead.

Note that above it says “Project Sparkis” instead of “Project Spark is”.

I found that another trick improved it (Warning! See update at the bottom). Here is how to make the meta description dynamic taking the content from the post body.

Edit the HTML Template and look for <data:post.body/>

Right above the tag, add:

      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
         <meta expr:content='data:post.body' name='description'/>


And look the link is even retained now.

Now if there is a lot of text the meta description will be quite large but from what I understand Google and other search engines just takes the first 250 or so characters anyway. If you use snippets on the blog this might be a way:
<meta expr:content='data:post.snippet' name='description'/>

But if you know of a way to trim 'data:post.body' let me know.

Update: I found that the description using 'data:post.body' for this blog post did not work. Probably because of the code snippets used in the post. It also messed up the actual blog post as seen on the blog so I had to remove that.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open old posts in Windows Live Writer

Have you ever wanted to edit older posts in Windows Live Writer than the 500 most recent? I have and rather edit the post in WLW than in Bloggers editor.

An Italian programmer with the blog A Ovest di Paperino.COM (West of Donald Duck) made a solution for the problem. Windows Live Writer Post Download Plugin. I tried it out but found that it didn’t work for me so together we worked it out and now there is a new version available that works for the Blogger platform as well. Now I can even edit posts from 2004 within WLW if I wanted to.

Here is one way to open up any blog post in WLW.

Open up the post in your web browser.

Then replace http with wlw and press Enter.

Here is how to modify the Quick Edit icon if you use Blogger.

Locate this part in the HTML template source. Remember to expand widget templates.

<a expr:href='data:post.editUrl' expr:title='data:top.editPostMsg'> <img alt='' class='icon-action' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a>

Then replace it with this code. Or you can add it below and use another icon for it.

<script type='text/javascript'> var str=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;; document.write(&#39;&lt;a href=&quot;&#39; + str.replace(&quot;http&quot;, &quot;wlw&quot;) + &#39;&quot;&gt;&lt;img alt=&quot;&quot; class=&quot;icon-action&quot; height=&quot;18&quot; src=&quot;; width=&quot;18&quot;/&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&#39;); </script>

When I’m logged in to Blogger I can just click on the icons to either edit the post in Blogger or WLW.

Windows Live Writer 2009 has a problem where the post that is posted shows up twice in Recently posted list. (I can live with that)

I tried with the WLW that is part of Windows Live Essentials beta 2010 and it didn’t have this problem. In the 2010 version it is possible to open posts older than the 500 most recent but it takes a lot of time to retrieve the posts so this plugin is a real time saver.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour countdown gadget in Blogger

I found that the Earth Hour countdown on Bloggers toolkit on did not work on a Google Blogger/blogspot blog.

I hosted the files on my site and tried to add the <HEAD> part into the Blogger template but got this problem.

Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The reference to entity "c2e_month" must end with the ';' delimiter.

But I was able to put all code in a HTML/JavaScript gadget. I also found that using an IFRAME it worked.

You can for a few more days see the end result on the left side of this blog or below.

Monday, September 29, 2008

WLW WebException accessing Blogger posts

Blogger has according to Microsoft introduced a problem that shows itself this way within Windows Live Writer.

It happened when I used File>Open and changed from 25 to 50 or more items to select from.

System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.RedirectHelper.GetResponse(String initialUri, RequestFactory requestFactory)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.XmlRestRequestHelper.Get(Uri& uri, HttpRequestFilter filter, WebHeaderCollection& responseHeaders, String[] parameters)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.XmlRestRequestHelper.Get(Uri& uri, HttpRequestFilter filter, String[] parameters)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.AtomClient.GetRecentPostsInternal(String uri, Int32 maxPosts, Boolean includeCategories)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.BloggerAtomClient.GetRecentPosts(String blogId, Int32 maxPosts, Boolean includeCategories)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Blog.GetRecentPosts(Int32 maxPosts, Boolean includeCategories)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.PostEditor.RemoteWeblogBlogPostSource.GetPosts(RecentPostRequest request, Boolean getPages)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.PostEditor.RemoteWeblogBlogPostSource.GetRecentPosts(RecentPostRequest request)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.PostEditor.OpenPost.BlogPostListBox.GetRecentPostsAsyncOperation.DoWork()
   at WindowsLive.Writer.CoreServices.AsyncOperation.InternalStart()

Microsoft are waiting for them to make a fix and unfortunately don’t have an ETA.

Update 2008-10-02 This problem has now been fixed.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Post # 1000

The title says it all. This marks that there are 1000 blog posts including this one with the first post back in November 2004.

From the statistics I have in Google Analytics since Dec 2005 until yesterday:
542,562 Visits
759,456 Pageviews
437,350 Visitors
Visits from 211 countries/territories

The spots with zero visits so far are Western Sahara, Guinea-Bissau, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and possibly some of the really small countries not to be seen easily on the maps.

It seems everyone uses Google as search engine as 94.41% of the hits that came from search engines (organic traffic) came via Google. Yahoo was on second place with 3.46%. Microsoft’s search is really after with 1,05% and if I just look on the latest months I find that Google has increased to 94.89% of the traffic. Does this mean that searches on say Live Search does not show up this blog or does no one use anything else than Google? I think most are actually using Google as I found that several times I rank higher on Live Search than on Google.

When it comes to browsers Internet Explorer (63.04% last 30 days) is still ahead of Firefox even though Firefox (31.34% last 30 days) has increased more and more. Below is Opera in Red, Chrome in yellow (increasing) and Safari in Cyan.


Vista users are now 26% of the visitors compared to 21% 6 months ago.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

StreamReader problem to read special characters and solution

StreamReader and Peek, Read, ReadBlock, ReadLine or ReadToEnd has problem to read text files with international characters like in Swedish, Finnish, German, etc.
Here are some Swedish letters that needs special treatment: Å, Ä, Ö, å, ä, ö.

What was used when I noticed this problem was:


The solution in VB.NET or C# is using something like this:

StreamReader(Stream, System.Text.Encoding.Default)

For Chinese or Japanese System.Text.Encoding.Unicode is probably needed.

An example of a large application that has problems is Google Blogger that sends email copies of comments and say a comment is ÅÄÖåäö what is emailed is ÅÄÖåäö

Saturday, July 5, 2008

How to add Blogger Star Ratings to a customized template

Star Ratings has been added to Blogger in Draft. If you have customized the template you might find that the Star Ratings does not show up on your blog.

Go to Blogger in Draft>Layout>'Edit HTML' and select 'Expand widget templates'.

Search for this row:

<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'/>

Replace it with the following:

<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'><span class='star-ratings'>
  <b:if cond='data:top.showStars'>
    <div expr:g:background-color='data:backgroundColor' expr:g:text-color='data:textColor' expr:g:url='data:post.absoluteUrl' g:height='42' g:type='RatingPanel' g:width='180'/>
</span> </div>

Search for something like this:

<b:widget id='Blog1'

Now continue searching for the end of this widget:


You will find two rows like these:


Before these two rows the following should be placed

<b:if cond='data:top.showStars'>
  <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
  <script type='text/javascript'>
    google.load(&quot;annotations&quot;, &quot;1&quot;);
    function initialize() {

Preview to make sure it works. If you are unsure make a backup before you save it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogger Blog list reviewed and added

Head over to the blog if you are in an RSS reader and look at the new "My Blog List" that is on the right side a bit down. This is available via Blogger in draft but I was not able to Import subscriptions from Google Reader using IE7 as it just hanged, but when using FireFox it worked even though the import was really slow.

The new Blog List gadget is right now only available if you log in to Blogger in draft.

Add a Gadget

Here are settings available and how to add from Google Reader.

Configure Blog List                Add from Google Reader

I just wish it was updated in real-time if a Google Reader tag is selected so any changes you make in Google Reader is directly reflected in Blogger.

Head over to the blog and look at it.

See also Blogger in Draft blog

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Future-dated posts to Blogger with Live Writer

Blogger now schedules future-dated posts is no longer beta. Now I just wish Windows Live Writer (WLW) add support for this. It warns me about not supporting this but it sure does work if you just click on Yes. This is great news.

Windows Live Writer


Friday, April 25, 2008

What does Encyclopaedia Britannica say about CAD?

Not much actually but you should be able to read the full article computer-aided engineering thanks to the Encyclopaedia Britannica WebShare initiative open for web publishers and bloggers.

computer-aided engineering in industry, the integration of design and manufacturing into a system under the direct control of digital computers. CAE combines the use of computers in industrial-design work, computer-aided design (CAD), with their use in manufacturing operations, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)....

Have you seen a non-digital computer?

Tried searching for BIM but there was nothing found. Architecture on the other hand had quite a large article that you only can access via the link from this site unless you have access to it as a subscriber.

the art and technique of designing and building, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction. The practice of architecture is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements of civilized people and thus embraces both utilitarian and aesthetic ends....Roman aqueduct

This link will hopefully take you to an image of Pont du Gard, Roman aqueduct, Nîmes, France, by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, during the Augustan period.

One good reason to blog is having full access for a year on Encyclopaedia Britannica.

The table of contents on the Architecture page did not work good at least in IE7 as I hardly could navigate without having the list automatically scroll.

Friday, February 29, 2008

AutoCAD 2008 spam emails redirected via blogspot

Don't be fooled by these spam emails that shows a blogspot link like these ones.spam email


If you click on the link you will automatically end up at another site than the one you see. If you have restricted this in IE you will just see a site like the one below.

redirection site

I think Blogger (Google) should restrict usage of these kind of redirections.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Error Connecting to Weblog - solution

I got this error trying to post from Windows Live Writer (WLW) and it took a while to figure it out. I had no problem posting from the Blogger web interface.

Error Connecting to Weblog
An error occurred while attempting to connect to your weblog:
Unable to connect to the remote server
You must correct this error before proceeding.

The problem was that for some reason the antivirus/firewall had blocked Windows Live Writer.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Google Blog Search problem to get complete result

A comparison on two searches and I found the following confirming that this Search Box for Blogger still is not good. The problem is probably not so much related to this Search Box (on the right side of this blog) but it's all Google and the blog search should really be fixed. Being one of the largest search companies Google should have fixed this a long time ago.
18 found using Google Search (the result includes the monthly archives) compared to Google Blog Search that only finds 3 out of 9. That means a lot of the posts are missing on this search and other searches as well. The index is obviously very incomplete and needs to improve. Searching within Blogger 9 posts are found and is the correct.

Search within Blogger

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Solution for Google Analytics tracking code problem with Blogger

Google is behind both Blogger and Google Analytics but this problem slipped through. If you get the error below when you try to add the new tracking code for Google Analytics to your blogger/blogspot blog take a look at this solution. Notice that if you just copy the code from that page you will get _gat is undefined error on your pages so use the code below and just make sure to change UA-XXXX-X to your code.


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-XXXX-X"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview(); </script>


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-XXXX-X"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview(); </script>

Error message:

We were unable to save your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute "{1}" associated with an element type "type".

Why would you want to make this update and switch from urchin.js to ga.js?

This will allow you to take advantage of the most up-to-date tracking functionality as it is added to Google Analytics.

Reading through the migration guide I also learned how to track downloaded files.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Search within Blogger

Using Blogger in draft I've added the new Search Box to the right column.


It look like this.


The search result is showed within the Blogger (blogspot) blog like this using Ajax technology.


What is also very useful is the Linked From Here option that searches sites I have linked to or have in my blogroll to the right.


Give the new search in Blogger a try.

Update 2007-12-24: The downside is that the search result is not complete. A lot of the posts that should be found are not found.

Email follow-up comments for Blogger added

This is great news for Blogger (blogspot) blogs. Now when you leave a comment you can subscribe to the comments and get email notifications. This is for each post so unless you are interested in a feed for all blogger comments this is so much better.

In order to subscribe to comments by email you cannot be anonymous, you must be logged in to a Google Account.


See subscribing to comments via email for all details.

Via Blogger Buzz.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Total number of posts on a Blogger blog

Here is blogger hack to show the total number of posts on your blog.

It uses JavaScript and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

The only thing you need is to change ChangeThisToYourBlog in the code below to the name of your blog.

<script style="text/javascript"> function showpostcount(json) { document.write('Posts on this blog ' + parseInt(json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t,10) + '<br>'); } </script> <script src=""></script>

Some of the latest blog posts

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