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Friday, October 18, 2013

Windows 8.1 AutoCAD Model Documentation Hotfix for 64-bit and more

Windows 8.1 is now available for all. I’ve used first the preview and recently the “RTM” and if you have Windows 8 I see no reason to not update. Here’s how to Update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8. If you hesitated to update to Windows 8 before I think you really should consider Windows 8.1. I now prefer Windows 8.1 over any earlier Windows version and even without a touch screen I don’t miss the old Start menu especially after the Start button return in Windows 8.1.

There is one annoying bug I have after installing Windows 8.1 though. Windows Live Writer + Windows 8.1 paste/undo bug. Possibly related to the new Internet Explorer 11.

What about Autodesk products and Windows 8.1?

Model Documentation Hotfix for 64-bit Windows 8.1. This hotfix for AutoCAD and AutoCAD verticals fixes Model Documentation and IMPORT command related issues on 64-bit Windows 8.1. Download at DL22443084

Inventor Unexpectedly Exits on Startup on Windows 8.1. Windows reports: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application." See solution at TS22238097

And finally another recent update from Autodesk: Cumulative Hotfix 2 for Autodesk Vault 2014 Service Pack 1 Download at DL22258964

  1. When two DWGs are referencing the same part number, and one of them is checked out, performing an Assign Item on the other would cause an error 1455.
  2. Resolved an issue that could result in preventing a server background task from running.
  3. Files checked into Vault, in a folder containing a single quote, would result in an 'Unknown Server Error' when selecting Data Cards from the Inventor Vault ribbon menu.
  4. Logging into ADMS with Windows Authentication and selecting the Administration option would result in the error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'.

How about software from JTB World? So far I’m not aware of any issues related to Windows 8.1

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Server rejected for animated GIF files

Today I got this error in Windows Live Writer when I tried to publish a post that included an animated GIF file.

"Can't publish files" "The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error."

When I tried to upload the GIF directly to Picasa Web Albums using Chrome the progress just hanged like this.

Or the Server rejected error as seen in Internet Explorer.

Anyone else seen this issue? Hopefully I'm not alone and that Google fixes this bug ASAP.

UPDATE: The problem has been fixed.

Monday, November 21, 2011

500 Internal Server Error bX-7sd12g

Problem to post from Microsoft's Windows Live Writer to Blogger (blogspot): The server reported an error with the following web address: 500 Internal Server Error bX-7sd12g.
It is also problem to open posts from WLW.
Workaround for now is to use the the Blogger website.
It seems also to work to post a draft from WLW and then post it from the web interface in Blogger.
Hopefully Google comes with a solution to this bug soon.

Update: Another bug is that the url created contains the first words from the post and not from the title as it should.

Update 2: A intermediate fix that works with Windows Live Writer is to make the post as usual in WLW, including images and then click on "Post draft to blog", ignore any errors, then click on "Publish" and ignore the errors. This will solve both the url problem and the post will be posted to your blog.

This problem also exist with other blog applications and it might work with the same workarounds too.

Update 3: November 23 and the issue with posting and opening blogs is fixed as well as the issue with the url.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Windows Live Essentials 2011 build 15.4.3538.0513

Inside Windows Live informs about the new Windows Live Essentials 2011 build 15.4.3538.0513 released 2011-07-06 and you can get it at right now.

Here are a few things mentioned:

  • Mail: We fixed a sorting issue in the Sent items folder and improved the upload reliability and instrumentation in Photo mail.
  • Messenger: We fixed a couple of stability issues and made various changes for improved voice and video quality. We fixed an issue that was causing sound to be lost after upgrading, and we improved performance when displaying the MSN Today page in the main window.
  • Photo Gallery: We implemented various bug fixes for crashes related to launching Photo Gallery through Autoplay and facial recognition.
  • And more: We made many other usability, performance, and stability improvements across the suite of Windows Live Essentials apps.

Unfortunately these other bugs are not fixed yet: Windows Live Writer 2011 picture quality bug and Windows Live Writer 2011 bug and wish.

I had to uninstall the previous version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 due to some problem with Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant and then I had to restart before succeeding.

If you get this error it might help to just restart the computer: Windows Live Essentials couldn’t be installed. It looks like another program is preventing the installer from working. Error: 0x80070643 Source: wllogin-amd64

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Windows Live Writer 400 Bad Request solution

If you get the following error trying to Publish in WLW it is easy to fix:
The server reported an error with the following web address:
400 Bad Request
Invalid category term

The reason is probably that you added some characters in the category that are not accepted like an exclamation. The solution is to remove or change the category.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 RC

Today I downloaded IE9 RC and also the new Adobe Flash Player 10.2 and found that the problems with Windows Live Writer 2011 now are fixed. After some initial tests I have not run into any issues and hope it stays that way. Update: see issues found at the bottom. Not as stable as I first hoped.

I can see that the performance in the IE9 RC has been improved further than earlier beta and IE9 is much quicker than IE8.

One nice addition I like in the RC is the ability to show tabs on a separate row . Just right click on a tab.

I like the ability to close a tab with one click without having to activate it first and also the ability to drag tabs to a separate Window or to snap them using Aero Snap.

Where is the RSS icon? You need to show the Command bar. Right-click on the empty space to the right of the New Tab button or other places on the top frame.

One small annoyance is that the colors used for groups are totally random and even though a group is created from the same page over and over again there is a new color each time. I had the third tab active and opened a new tab using Ctrl click on a link and got one color (see tab 3 and 4).

I then closed this new tab and did the same thing again and got another color (yellow).

The only way I found to avoid this is to disable tab groups completely. I wish the color choice was more consistent and in the example above that the color was the same. I can also imagine others wanting to decide what colors or color scheme to use.

After some further usage I do see some performance issues when quickly navigating sites. It still is not possible to click on say 5-10 links holding down Ctrl. There is also problem when Ctrl click to open a new tab and right after that trying to click on another tab that is open.

After some more usage I have run into IE9 RC hanging completely on a few pages (here is one sample if you want to try) that works fine in other Browsers and also crashing while searching for text on a page. Quite often I also find that there are iexplorer processes that are not closed and sometimes takes a lot of CPU having to kill them via Task Manager. This still apply to the RTM version 9.0.8112.16421.

Autodesk Discussion Groups need Compatibility View enabled to be able to post even with the released version of IE9.

More at WLW 2011 beta and IE9 beta test and Internet Explorer 9 beta test drive as well as on the IE blog.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 picture quality bug

I became aware of this bug today that happens with WLW 2011.

In some cases when an image is added the quality is not perfect as expected. Below is what it look like at first showing a blurry result.

For now there seems to at least be some workaround and that is to click on Original picture size or change the size a bit and back to the size it should be.

I have been able to reproduce this by having resized a large image to a smaller size and then used the Set to default button. The problem as seen in the image above is that even images that are inserted in original size are affected.

I hope Microsoft can release a fix for this and some of the other known bugs soon.

  • Link to source picture problem: Sometimes when I have pictures set to link to source picture I find that the published picture on the blog is with no link and cannot be clicked on to open up the larger version of the picture.
  • Windows Live Writer 2011 bug and wish describing a problem with QAT.
  • Clear formatting button is clearing some of the formatting on the whole post and not just the selection. The description says: “Change the selection to plain text by clearing all of the formatting. One thing I found is if some of the paragraphs in the post are centered and I select a link that I pasted in that has another HTML style like Heading 5 and press Clear formatting all centered paragraphs are aligned to the left.
  • There are unsaved changes to this post problem

Note also that A new build (15.4.3508.1109) of Windows Live Writer 2011 was released December 1, 2010 and can be downloaded from

If you have any wishes for WLW features or bug fixes leave a comment on Microsoft’s Aaron’s Live Writer Blog.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 bug and wish

If adding the picture Width and Height controls to Quick Access Toolbar they work until Live Writer is restarted. After that the max value they can hold is 100 and notice also that they incorrectly show one decimal.

I wish for the ability to reorder controls on the Quick Access Toolbar something that can be done in for example Word and Excel.

See also:

Windows Live Writer 2011 beta and IE9 beta test

Open old posts in Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer 2011 reviewed

Friday, October 1, 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 reviewed

Windows Live Writer 2011 is now released (Build 15.4.3502.922) as part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011. It is quite a change as the Ribbon has been added and it takes some initial time to find where everything is located. The categories and post date are also relocated to below the Ribbon instead of at the bottom.

Finding the New posts, Open local draft, Open recent posts and some more features are available on the application menu and are not as easily accessible as before. One extra click is needed.

At least it is possible to customize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) to have quicker access to for example New post and Open. You can also add any command that is on the ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar by right clicking on the button and selecting "Add to Quick Access Toolbar."

Home tab.


Insert tab.


Blog Account tab.


Contextual tab when formatting a picture.


Contextual tab when formatting a video.


In Aaron’s Live Writer Blog post What has changed since the Beta refresh for Windows Live Writer 2011? we can learn about some other changes and news.

  • Better support for Japanese IME
  • Improved SEO
  • Multi-language User Interface support (MUI)
  • Aspect ratio support for Videos
  • Improved support for Specific blog servers
  • is now the default for creating new blogs via Live Writer
  • “No” tags are now stripped from Web Preview
  • Improved encoding support
  • Copy/Paste Improvements

Still there are problems using WLW 2011 together with IE9 beta as described in Windows Live Writer 2011 beta and IE9 beta test because the problem is with Internet Explorer 9 beta and needs to be fixed.

Something I wish for is that it would be possible to select multiple images and changing the properties of them.

Alternate text and title text for images should not be a dialog box I think. These two properties should be available directly on the Ribbon for quicker access. It should also be possible to save as default if you want to have one or both of them empty.

Open old posts in Windows Live Writer works great also with WLW 2011.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open old posts in Windows Live Writer

Have you ever wanted to edit older posts in Windows Live Writer than the 500 most recent? I have and rather edit the post in WLW than in Bloggers editor.

An Italian programmer with the blog A Ovest di Paperino.COM (West of Donald Duck) made a solution for the problem. Windows Live Writer Post Download Plugin. I tried it out but found that it didn’t work for me so together we worked it out and now there is a new version available that works for the Blogger platform as well. Now I can even edit posts from 2004 within WLW if I wanted to.

Here is one way to open up any blog post in WLW.

Open up the post in your web browser.

Then replace http with wlw and press Enter.

Here is how to modify the Quick Edit icon if you use Blogger.

Locate this part in the HTML template source. Remember to expand widget templates.

<a expr:href='data:post.editUrl' expr:title='data:top.editPostMsg'> <img alt='' class='icon-action' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a>

Then replace it with this code. Or you can add it below and use another icon for it.

<script type='text/javascript'> var str=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;; document.write(&#39;&lt;a href=&quot;&#39; + str.replace(&quot;http&quot;, &quot;wlw&quot;) + &#39;&quot;&gt;&lt;img alt=&quot;&quot; class=&quot;icon-action&quot; height=&quot;18&quot; src=&quot;; width=&quot;18&quot;/&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&#39;); </script>

When I’m logged in to Blogger I can just click on the icons to either edit the post in Blogger or WLW.

Windows Live Writer 2009 has a problem where the post that is posted shows up twice in Recently posted list. (I can live with that)

I tried with the WLW that is part of Windows Live Essentials beta 2010 and it didn’t have this problem. In the 2010 version it is possible to open posts older than the 500 most recent but it takes a lot of time to retrieve the posts so this plugin is a real time saver.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 beta and IE9 beta test

With this blog post I’m trying to see if also Live Writer 2011 beta has problems with image alt and title being empty.



Writing this post made me find another issue, bug or change. Note that the sorting of the categories is case sensitive.


Update: The bug is also in Live Writer 2011 beta or I would say that the bug is in Internet Explorer beta as it breaks previously working functionality. Note the title tooltip.


And here is the HTML with title and alt added even though they should be empty.


Update: There are also other issues that can happen as seen on Aaron’s Live Writer Blog.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 beta test drive

I have tried IE9 beta and here are some notes on my experience.

News in IE9

Updated icon as seen above.

Here is the top of the frame. Much slimmer than IE8 and there is no text or icon at the very top of frame.

The status bar at the bottom is disabled as default and to enable it right click where you see the home and favorite icons.


The back button is enlarged as it is the most used button and to get the recent pages to go back and forth right click on either arrow.

Drop down menu with tools

Address bar and search bar are consolidated into one box.

Internet Explorer 9 makes HD video smoother, colors truer, graphics clearer, and websites more responsive. New JavaScript engine.

No Windows XP support.

Evaluate how add-ons affect performance and disable them easily.

Pin a web page, by grabbing the tab in the browser and drag it down to the taskbar.

Note how the look of the top frame is changed when is pinned.

If you drag and drop to the desktop it becomes a pinned site as default with .website file extension instead of .url. To change from a Pinned Site Shortcut to an internet shortcut or the other way around just change the file extension. To create a shortcut hold down shift before dragging the favicon to the desktop or right click on the page and select Create Shortcut.

Right click on the pinned site and you see the favorites and tasks added.

Here is how it was done using some <meta> tags and JavaScript after the <head> tag.

<!--- Start IE9 Settings --> <meta name="application-name" content="JTB World" /> <meta name="msapplication-tooltip" content="JTB World software development" /> <meta name="msapplication-window" content="width=1024;height=768" /> <meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Contact JTB World;action-uri=;icon-uri=/images/mail_32.ico" /> <meta name="msapplication-navbutton-color" content="#2B4564" /><meta name="msapplication-starturl" content="./" /> <script type='text/javascript'> try { window.external.msSiteModeCreateJumplist('JTB World Favorites'); window.external.msSiteModeAddJumpListItem ('JTB World Software' , '', ''); window.external.msSiteModeAddJumpListItem ('JTB World on Twitter' , '', ''); window.external.msSiteModeAddJumpListItem ('JTB World\'s Blog' , '', ''); } catch (ex) { } </script> <!-- End IE9 Settings -->

This also works when pinned to the start menu.

You can click here to try the API to add a website to the Start menu.

<a onclick="window.external.msAddSiteMode();" href="#">Add Website</a><br />

Jump List Commands makes it possible to customize your site to give access to commonly used destinations (nouns) and tasks (verbs) of an application or site.

Thumbnail toolbar commands allows you to interact directly with the site from thumbnail toolbar buttons, without having the browser window in the foreground.

Tabs can be dragged out to a separate window. I like that!

HTML5 support.

H.264 video support.

TIFF and JPEG XR images are supported. Example

Acid3 test is at 95/100 in the first public beta (and also in IE9 RC) compared to 20/100 in IE8.

What is Working and a Bug

Most things are working and I think the performance is much better.

The online banking sites I use works fine, PayPal and even the IE7pro plugin works. I’ve not seen any problems with AutoCAD, Revit, Visual Studio and a lot of other programs.

With Windows Live Writer I got a problem when wanting the alternate text on images to be empty. This forced this change to the tag title="title" alt="alt" making it not possible to have the alternate text cleared.


At you can download IE 9 beta and at there is a Flash Player preview release with enhanced support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta.

Flash Player "Square" preview takes advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in Internet Explorer 9 Beta, utilizing hardware rendering surfaces to improve graphics performance and enable seamless composition.

Pinned Sites: Windows 7 Desktop Integration with Internet Explorer 9

When IE9 is installed you can visit this test drive site.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer

There’s a new version of the Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer.
The new version is 2.5 and can be found at

The biggest feature of 2.5 is the ability to insert snippets of code as an image (guaranteeing exact formatting no matter what blog engine you’re on).
You can also add effects to the images, such as reflections and perspectives.

Here is an example as image:

And as text:

Public Sub WriteXRec() Dim oDict As AcadDictionary Dim oXRec As AcadXRecord Dim dxfCode(0 To 1) As Integer Dim dxfData(0 To 1) Set oDict = ThisDrawing.Dictionaries.Add("SampleTest") Set oXRec = oDict.AddXRecord("Record1") dxfCode(0) = 1: dxfData(0) = "First Value" dxfCode(1) = 2: dxfData(1) = "Second Value" oXRec.SetXRecordData dxfCode, dxfData End Sub

Thanks for the update Steve Dunn.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Windows Live Writer 14.0.8117.416

First post using Windows Live Writer 14.0.8117.416. Hope some of the bugs that annoy me are fixed. So I’ll be using this while waiting for the new big Windows Live Wave 4 release that hopefully comes soon with a new update of WLW.

Windows Live Writer 14.0.8117.416

“New version of Wave 3 Windows Live Writer. No new features but higher quality. Upgrade today!” – WLWriter on Twitter May 12th

For solutions and forums see the Live Writer Portal. Only problem I found was that I got it in Swedish when I wanted it in English. But that was solved by changing the order in Language Preferences in Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Language Preference.

Internet Options > Language Preference

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Accelerators for Windows Live Writer plug-in

You know the accelerator functionality added to Internet Explorer 8. There is an Accelerator Platform for Windows 7 with a whitepaper on the Platform, and documentation on all the interfaces and methods.

This means you can add accelerator functionality into Word, Excel, Windows Live Writer or any other application. How about a built in translator for AutoCAD or Revit? This would be a cool thing to spice them up with when using Windows 7. Adding search functionality, look up a definition, terminology and so on.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Windows Live Writer Code Formatter Plugin 2.0

Steve Dunn mentions in this post that he has updated the Code Formatter Plugin to version 2.0.

Here I try it with the code snippet from XREF_test.dvb that shows how to figure out with VBA if an Xref is Attached or Overlay with the help of some AutoLISP.

Sub xref_test()
    Dim ps_str As String
    Dim po_blk As AcadBlock
    Dim po_blkref As AcadBlockReference
    Dim pi_dxf70 As Integer
    Dim pv_1 As Variant
    Dim userr1 As Integer
    ThisDrawing.Utility.GetEntity po_blkref, pv_1
    userr1 = ThisDrawing.GetVariable("USERR1")
    Set po_blk = ThisDrawing.Blocks(po_blkref.Name)
    ps_str = "(SETVAR ""USERR1"" (cdr (assoc 70 (tblsearch ""BLOCK"" """ & po_blkref.Name & """)))) "
    ThisDrawing.SendCommand ps_str
    pi_dxf70 = ThisDrawing.GetVariable("USERR1")
    ps_str = "(SETVAR ""USERR1"" " & userr1 & ") "
    ThisDrawing.SendCommand ps_str
    If pi_dxf70 = 44 Then MsgBox "XREF " & po_blk.Name & " is Overlaid."
    If pi_dxf70 = 36 Then MsgBox "XREF " & po_blk.Name & " is Attached."
End Sub

But if I select the code above and paste it into Notepad everything ends up on one row. Wondering if it can be something in my blogger template or that I use Windows Internet Explorer 8 RC1.

Update. I got a reply from Steve as he could not add it as a comment due to the markup tags:

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for trying out the new version.  I initially copied and pasted your code using FireFox and it was fine in notepad.  I then tried with IE8 and saw the same problem as you did. I also tried this in IE6 and got the same results. 

The HTML that the plug-in writes looks correct - that is, all line breaks are <br/>'s.

I did notice that the initial <pre> style had two semi-colons which isn't right but didn't affect the rendering or the copying.

I boiled the offending HTML down to the following:

<pre><span>Line 1<br /></span><span>Line 2<br /></span></pre>

Creating an HTML file with just this line exhibits the issues.

Loading this in the W3C validator reported no errors.

From what I've read about the pre tag, the text in the middle IS affected by markup.  In fact, IE is rendering the line breaks, but just not treating them as cr/[lf]'s in the clipboard [straight text] text (pasting into Wordpad works correctly as the RTF that IE copies IS correct!)

I looked at some of your older posts, for instance, from December 13th 2007.  This has the same problem.

I also tried one of my recent posts using the latest version of the plugin.  Interestingly, the HTML in my post contained real CR/LF's codes instead of <br /> markup.  I then changed the language to VB.NET, but still the same (and VBScript, but still the same).

I don't know whether this has anything to do with it, but there's a setting in blogger under settings/formatting/convert line breaks.  Mine's set to No.  I previously had this set to yes and my blogger template had massive gaps between the generated code and the next written paragraph.

I did find that we're not alone with this issue.

Looks like a complicated issue, although it doesn't resolve the [likely irrelevant] fact that you've got <br />s and I haven't.  Maybe you've got some other javascript running?

Anyway, hope this helps.



I changed the Blogger settings convert line breaks to No and now it works as expected. Not sure if it will break any of the formatting on some of the older posts though.

Thanks Steve!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Microsoft Office Web Applications and Windows Live

Some of the recent news from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Web Applications will work on iPhone and work best with Silverlight, might be available for free and more in this FAQ.


Windows live announcement Windows Live – Keeping your life in sync talks about ONE contact list for Hotmail and Messenger. Read the post as it is quite extensive.

Windows Live Essentials will soon be out of beta (to be installed on your PC The Essentials include Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, Toolbar, and Family Safety).

Live SkyDrive is adding space. This post describe some news like 25 GB of free online storage. (Mine is still at 5 GB so far though)

Some quotes on Torres Talking blog

And finally a link for the developers. Describing Live Framework

Posted using Live Writer that also have got a new icon.

Live Writer

Monday, September 29, 2008

WLW WebException accessing Blogger posts

Blogger has according to Microsoft introduced a problem that shows itself this way within Windows Live Writer.

It happened when I used File>Open and changed from 25 to 50 or more items to select from.

System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.RedirectHelper.GetResponse(String initialUri, RequestFactory requestFactory)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.XmlRestRequestHelper.Get(Uri& uri, HttpRequestFilter filter, WebHeaderCollection& responseHeaders, String[] parameters)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.XmlRestRequestHelper.Get(Uri& uri, HttpRequestFilter filter, String[] parameters)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.AtomClient.GetRecentPostsInternal(String uri, Int32 maxPosts, Boolean includeCategories)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Clients.BloggerAtomClient.GetRecentPosts(String blogId, Int32 maxPosts, Boolean includeCategories)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Blog.GetRecentPosts(Int32 maxPosts, Boolean includeCategories)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.PostEditor.RemoteWeblogBlogPostSource.GetPosts(RecentPostRequest request, Boolean getPages)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.PostEditor.RemoteWeblogBlogPostSource.GetRecentPosts(RecentPostRequest request)
   at WindowsLive.Writer.PostEditor.OpenPost.BlogPostListBox.GetRecentPostsAsyncOperation.DoWork()
   at WindowsLive.Writer.CoreServices.AsyncOperation.InternalStart()

Microsoft are waiting for them to make a fix and unfortunately don’t have an ETA.

Update 2008-10-02 This problem has now been fixed.

Windows Live Writer bug with link to source picture

I found that the latest Windows Live Writer Beta (WLW Build 14.0.5025.904) sometimes have a problem with Link to Source Picture not working as expected. It is supposed to open the source image when you click on it but for some reason it does not work.

Here is a workaround to solve this problem.

  • Open up the recently posted post.
  • Select the image.
  • Select Link to and set it to none.
  • Then set it to Source Picture.
  • Publish the post again.

Solved and now it works as expected. Not sure though what triggers this problem because it can happen on just some of the images in a blog post.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First post using another Windows Live Writer Beta

I used a pre-release of this Windows Live Wave 3 so I have been able to center images, crop and tile them as well as the additional border styles for images like reflection, drop shadows and more. But now it’s more publicly available. No question about it. Go get it.

Download Windows Live Writer Beta (14.0.5025.904) and you have the chance to get a lot of other goodies like new versions of Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker (should rather be called alpha because of the limited functionality and feature set, I first thought the installation was broken), Writer, Toolbar, and Family Safety. I also was asked to install Microsoft Office Outlook Connector.

With Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, you can use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages and contacts for free.


Here are the news in Live Writer:

Image and video publishing enhancements

  • Insert videos from Soapbox and YouTube
  • Upload videos to Soapbox and YouTube
  • Image cropping and tilting
  • Additional border styles for images (such as reflection and rounded corners)
  • Support for LightBox and other image previewing effects (like Slimbox, Smoothbox, and others)
  • Support for centering images

Blog authoring enhancements

  • Spell Checking in more languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Serbian-Cyrillic, Serbian-Latin, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Auto Linking
  • Smart quotes/typographic characters
  • Word count

Experience improvements

  • New toolbar makes more commands – like Font formatting - readily available
  • Tabs for view switching
  • Improved category control with search and type-down filtering
  • New look and feel

I had a problem with the installation. “Writer Beta couldn’t be installed. Code 0x80004005 (Source: install)” To solve this I had to uninstall Writer and the try again. Notice that all drafts and settings are still there after a reinstall.

More about Building Windows Live

Download the new betas from

Some of the latest blog posts

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