Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Autodesk’s new logo

You will soon see this new logo made up of an update logotype and a new logomark pop up everywhere.

“The visual change is the most significant branding update in the company’s 30 year history, but since 1982, we’ve made subtle changes to things like color and imagery, eventually moving from the original calipers icon (a tool used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object) to the use of the Autodesk name. Our new visual identity includes a logomark with the Autodesk name for the first time in more than a decade. A talented team of Autodesk designers created the new branding and found their inspiration in origami. The style beautifully shows the convergence of art and science, form and function, aptly representing the Autodesk software portfolio. ”

Via In the Fold. See also this post Autodesk | The New Brand and Origami Logo.

Here are what the old ones looked like with the oldest first:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Learning To Use AutoCAD Sheet Sets Training Video

Sheet Set Manager in AutoCAD can be really useful to manage sets of drawings or sheets.

In this AutoCAD Sheet Sets training course, Autodesk CAD expert Brian Benton will show you how to create and manage Sheet Sets for your CAD projects, making you more efficient and organized. This tutorial is for users that already have a working knowledge of AutoCAD and want to get more organized and efficient. Sheet Sets are a way for you to organize your CAD sheets from one or more sets drawings. Brian will show you to how create Sheet Sets, and how to manage them in a way that will make organizing your projects much easier. You will learn how to automate data and info exchange with powerful properties, apply Sheet Sets to manage your projects, print and publish your Sheet Sets, and finally how to archive and submit your Sheet Sets. By the conclusion of this computer based training video for AutoCAD Sheet Sets, you will have a greater understanding of how to use Sheet Sets to effectively organize your projects and CAD drawings. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons. 3.25 hours and 37 lessons.

The video is available here as download or DVD.

Sample Movie Links and Table of Contents:

00. Free Videos From This Course
	What You Will Learn
	About The Author
	Typical Uses And Advantages
	Getting Sheet Set Properties Into Your Drawings
	The Single Most Advantage To Using Sheet Sets Is Printing
	What To Do With Your Electronic Files?
1. What You Will Learn 
	0101 What You Will Learn
2. Introducing AutoCAD Sheet Sets 
	0201 Introducing Sheet Sets
	0202 Typical Uses And Advantages
	0203 The Sheet Set Manager
	0204 Sheets
	0205 Subsets
	0206 Publishing And Exporting
	0207 Properties
3. Creating A Sheet Set 
	0301 Where To Start
	0302 Starting With A Blank Sheet Set - Inserting Layouts
	0303 Create A Sheet Set From A Template
	0304 Advantages To Both Methods And My Recommendations
4. Automating Data/Info Exchange 
	0401 The Power Of Sheet Sets Is In Properties 
	0402 Getting Sheet Set Properties Into Your Drawings
	0403 Default Properties
	0404 Custom Properties
	0405 The Differences And Uses Of Sheet Properties
	 And Set Properties
	0406 Sheet Views
	0407 Using Sheet Views And Their Benefits
	0408 Sheet List Table
5. Project Management 
	0501 Use A Sheet Set Template And A Drawing Template
	0502 Prepare You Title Block For Sheet Sets
	0503 Put Page Setups In Your Template File
	0504 Put Project Data In Custom Sheet Set Properties
	0505 Creating New Files With The SSM
	0506 Folders
6. Plot/Print Publish 
	0601 The Single Most Advantage To Using
	 Sheet Sets Is Printing
	0602 Print To DWF, PDF, Plotter
	0603 Publishing
	0604 Miscellaneous Printing/Publishing Options
	0605 Sheet Set Publish Options And Subset Publishing
	0606 Page Setup Overrides
7. Submitting And/Or Archiving Files/Drawings 
	0701 What To Do With Your Electronic Files?
	0702 eTransmit
	0703 Archiving With The Sheet Set Manager
	0704 Transmittal Setups
8. About The Author 
	0801 About The Author

And there are more Learning Resources Books Training Videos eBooks available.

To further help with the usage of Sheet Set Manager try our SSMPropEditor for free.

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