Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Seemage 4.0 released

Seemage seems to be a great application. If I still was working as CAD Manager I would definitely give it a test drive.

Seemage 4.0 is a revolutionary way for users of 3D CAD and enterprise systems to deliver very high productivity to desktop users who need to create any kind of product documentation or procedure using design and enterprise information. Users in marketing and sales, product support, maintenance, technical illustration and documentation are rapidly adopting Seemage to create their deliverables.

"All major 3D CAD file formats are supported." according to the press release. I wonder if Autodesk's 3D formats are supported. I could not find anything about support for Inventor's files or AutoCAD's DWG.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ribbon is now Fluent

The new Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface is the new name for Ribbon according to 2007 Microsoft Office System Press Materials.

I have started to get quite familiar with Ribbon. It's pretty good and a name change is something I can live with.

Via Office 2007 Ribbon: Microsoft Office Fluent

Ribbon in other applications than Office 2007

Windows Vista support for Architectural Desktop and Building Systems

Windows Vista does not support Architectural Desktop or Building Systems. (or the other way around)

Even though it is possible to get ADT/ABS running on Vista you might run into so many problems so it's better to wait a few more months for the 2008 releases that most probably will be able to run on Vista without any problems.

A Quarter Century Ago Today - Autodesk

Twenty-five years ago today, January 30th, 1982, the initial meeting to organize what became Autodesk, Inc. was held...

A Quarter Century Ago Today - post by John Walker the Autodesk founder

Some other posts on the subject.

It was 25 years ago today...

A Quarter Century of Autodesk Today

AU 2005 handouts available

On AUGI the Autodesk University handouts for 2005 are available. If you select year 2005 and industry Plant Design you will find the two handouts for the courses I held.
Direct links to the handouts.
Multidiscipline CAD Usage at an EPC Company - - Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation as a bonus. File size is 7.35 MB.
Plant Design Tips and Tricks - even some useful tips for non Plant Design usage. Dynamic Blocks, Block attribute extraction, dbConnect, CUI, 2D, 3D, etc.
Via AU 2005 class handouts now! available for download on

Monday, January 29, 2007

Screen capture software

If you don't think the "prt sc" button (or alt+prt sc for the active window) is enough to take screen captures here are some free alternatives.

Cropper 1.9 was released today. It also has a cool Animated Gif Plugin.

Window Clippings 1.5 was released yesterday.

Gadwin PrintScreen 3.5 is yet another alternative.

All of these works well in Windows Vista that you have started using or might start using now that it is released to the public.

FastStone Capture is free for non commercial use and is quite powerful.

Jing from those behind SnagIt

Screenshot Captor

This snapshot is taken in Windows Vista using SnagIt. Not free but the best.

Even though Autodesk DWF Viewer is not supported for Vista it does work. I have also got AutoCAD 2007 and ADT 2007 to work as well.

AutoCAD P&ID 2007 released

Here are the Features & Specifications for AutoCAD P&ID 2007. A free trial can also be downloaded.

"At this time we have engaged in a joint effort with Autodesk to develop a customized release of AutoCAD P&ID, forming part of AVEVA's suite of applications that will offer full interoperability with the AVEVA Plant Design Management System (PDMS)," - fro the press release

Discussion group for AutoCAD P&ID

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Instant Search in Outlook 2007

I like Outlook 2007 overall and would not want to go back to 2003. One of the better things are the Instant Search (WDS is required unless you have Vista where it is included as default). The search is still a bit slow when all mail items are searched. One thing that irritates me is that if I make a search that includes a recently sent email it takes a while to get it indexed before it is found with the search.

One thing I really wonder about is why I cannot find anything with a search like this: to find emails from for example

This one works:

These ones does not work:     or from:*

If you know how to solve this please comment on this post.

Update: Using Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista and I found that it works as expected. Another reason to upgrade. ;-)

As seen above the query builder can help with some basic criteria but there are more ways to search.

AQS is also used by Outlook 2007 and is worth taking a look at and memorize your favorites.

The Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) is used by Microsoft Windows Desktop Search (WDS) to help users and programmers better define and narrow their searches. Using AQS is an easy way to narrow searches and deliver better result sets. Searches can be narrowed by the following parameters:

  • File kinds: folders, documents, presentations, pictures and so on.
  • File stores: specific databases and locations.
  • File properties: size, date, title and so on.
  • File contents: keywords like "project deliverables," "AQS," "blue suede shoes," and so on.

Furthermore, search parameters can be combined using search operators. The remainder of this section explains the query syntax, the parameters and operators, and how they can be combined to offer targeted search results. The tables describe the syntax to use with WDS, as well as the properties that can be queried for each file kind displayed in the Windows Desktop Search results window.

Find large emails: size:>5 MB     or this can be used: messagesize:enormous

Find emails from jeff that are after the date specified: received:>1/20/2007 from:jeff

Find all emails with Power Point presentations: attachments:.ppt     or shorter: ext:.ppt

Complete documentation on AQS.

Some other old but still relevant links.

Link to Outlook 12 : Search in Outlook 12 - "It changes the way you work"

Instant Search - Part 3: The New User Interface

Instant Search - Part 4: The New Search Lexicon

This is from the help file:

Tips for narrowing your search using search query syntax in Outlook 2007

The following table shows examples of searches you might find useful. The search query syntax, available when the Instant Search feature is enabled, follows this basic form: keyword:your search criteria value.

For example, from:bobby

You can also use logical operators AND, NOT, OR, <, >, =, and so forth to refine your search, and these are noted in the table. Logical operators must be typed in uppercase letters.

 Note   The search query syntax is created automatically and displayed in the Instant Search box when you use the Query Builder described in the previous section.

Type this
To find this

Items containing bobby, BOBBY, BoBby, or any other combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Instant Search is not case sensitive.

bobby moore
Items containing both bobby and moore, but not necessarily in that order.

bobby AND moore
Items containing both bobby and moore, but not necessarily in that order. Note that logical operators such as AND, NOT, and OR must be in uppercase letters.

bobby NOT moore
Items containing bobby, but not moore.

bobby OR moore
Items containing bobby, moore, or both.

"bobby moore"
Items containing the exact phrase bobby moore. Note the use of double quotes so that the search results match the exact phrase within the quotes.

from:"bobby moore"
Items sent from bobby moore. Note the use of double quotes so that the search results match the exact phrase within the quotes.

from:"bobby moore" about:”status report”
Items sent from bobby moore where status report appears in the subject line, body, and attachment contents. Note the use of double quotes so that the search results match the exact phrase within the quotes.

Items that have attachments. You can also use hasattachment:true to get the same results.

Items that have attachments named presentation.pptx or if the attachment contains presentation.pptx within its contents.

subject:"bobby moore"
Items whose subject contains the phrase bobby moore.

subject:bobby moore
Items with bobby in the subject line and with moore anywhere else in the document.

cc:"bobby more"
Items in which the display name bobby moore is on the Cc line.
Items in which the e-mail address is on the Cc line.

Items in which bobby is on the Bcc line.

messagesize:<10 KB
Items whose size is less than 10 kilobytes. Note the use of the "less than" comparison operator (<).

messagesize:>5 MB
Items whose size is larger than 5 megabytes. Note the use of the "greater than" comparison operator (>).

Items that arrived on 1/1/2006. Note the use of the "equals" comparison operator (=).

Items that arrived yesterday. Instant Search also recognizes the follow date values:

  • Relative dates:  For example, today, tomorrow, yesterday
  • Multi-word relative dates:  For example, this week, next month, last week, past month, coming year
  • Days: Sunday, Monday ... Saturday
  • Months: January, February ... December

received:last week
Items that arrived last week. Note that if you run this query again a month from now you will obtain different results because it is a time relative query.

due:last week
Items that are flagged for follow up a due date.

Items whose size is less than 10 kilobytes

Items whose size is between 10 and 25 kilobytes

Items whose size is between 25 and 100 kilobytes

Items whose size is between 100 and 500 kilobytes

Items whose size is between 500 kilobytes and 1 megabyte

followupflag:follow up
Items that are flagged for follow up.

Items whose size is larger than 5 megabytes

Items that are flagged for follow up.

from:bobby (received:1/7/05 OR received:1/8/05)
Items from bobby that arrived on either 1/7/05 or 1/8/05. Note the use of parentheses to group the dates.

received:>=10/1/06 AND received:<=10/5/06
Items that arrived between 10/1/06 and 10/5/06.

received:>10/1/06 AND received:<10/5/06
Items that arrived after 10/1/06 but before 10/5/06.

sent: yesterday
Items that you sent yesterday.

Items that you sent to bobby when you are searching in the Sent Items folder.

Items that have not been read. You can also use read:false to get the same results.

subject:status received:May
Items received from anyone during the month of May (any year) where the subject contains status.

startdate:next week subject:status
Calendar items next week where the subject contains status.

Calendar items that are recurring.

Calendar items where bobby is the organizer.

Items that are categorized as business.

Contacts that contain bobby in the First Name field.

Contacts that contain moore in the Last Name field.

Contacts that contain bobby in the Nickname field.

Contacts that contain physician in the Job Title field.

Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Pager field.

Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Business Phone field.

Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Home Phone field.

Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Mobile Phone field.

Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Car Phone field.

Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Business Fax field.

Contacts that contain 555-0100 in the Home Fax field.

businessaddress:(4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052)
Contacts that contain 4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052 in the Business Address field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address.

homeaddress:(4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052)
Contacts that contain 4567 Main St., Buffalo, NY 98052 in the Home Address field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address.

Contacts that contain buffalo in the Business City field.

Contacts that contain 98052 in the Business Postal Code field.

street:(4567 Main St)
Contacts that contain 4567 Main St in the Business Address Street field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address.

homestreet:(4567 Main St)
Contacts that contain 4567 Main St in the Home Address Street field. Note the use of parentheses to enclose the address.

Contacts that contain 6/4/1960 in the Birthday field.
Contacts that contain the URL in the Web Page Address field.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

AutoHotkey to the rescue

As described in the post RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007 I ended up with hundreds of feeds in both Outlook, IE7 and Windows Live Mail desktop.

Since I could not find an easy way to delete all feeds from Windows Live Mail desktop and I did not want to delete them one by one even though I'm quick on the keyboard I made use of AutoHotkey.

I first found this location and though I could delete multiple feeds that way but somehow that was not enough: "[drive letter]:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail desktop\[email address]\Your Feeds

The solution. I used AutoScriptWriter (recorder) and recorded what I wanted to do. Then I made some changes to the script and ended up with this script that quickly deletes 100 feeds at a time.

WinWait, Your feeds - Windows Live Mail desktop, IfWinNotActive, Your feeds - Windows Live Mail desktop, , WinActivate, Your feeds - Windows Live Mail desktop, WinWaitActive, Your feeds - Windows Live Mail desktop, loop, 100 { MouseClick, left, 68, 250 Sleep, 100 Send, {DEL}{ENTER} }

According to the AutoHotkey website:

AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows. With it, you can:

  • Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can write a mouse or keyboard macro by hand or use the macro recorder.
  • Create hotkeys for keyboard, joystick, and mouse. Virtually any key, button, or combination can become a hotkey.
  • Expand abbreviations as you type them. For example, typing "btw" can automatically produce "by the way".
  • Create custom data entry forms, user interfaces, and menu bars. See GUI for details.
  • Remap keys and buttons on your keyboard, joystick, and mouse.
  • Respond to signals from hand-held remote controls via the WinLIRC client script.
  • Run existing AutoIt v2 scripts and enhance them with new capabilities.
  • Convert any script into an EXE file that can be run on computers that don't have AutoHotkey installed.

Part 3 of 3

ADT Window Style Type in a PSD

I noticed a question on the Architectural Desktop discussion group and wanted to share the solution here. The Window Type for a windows style is not available as an automatic property. So a bit of VBScript is needed.

Create a PSD (Property Set Definition) that applies to Windows styles and add the automatic property Handle. Then add the formula below in the Formula Property Definition. Notice that [Handle] in the formula must be selected from the "Insert Property Definitions" list.

In the code AecX.AecArchBaseApplication.5.0 refers to ADT 2007.

For other versions of ADT change it.

ADT 2004 - AecX.AecArchBaseApplication.4
ADT 2005 - AecX.AecArchBaseApplication.4.5
ADT 2006 - AecX.AecArchBaseApplication.4.7
ADT 2007 - AecX.AecArchBaseApplication.5.0
ACA 2008 - AecX.AecArchBaseApplication.5.5

On Error Resume Next Set app = GetObject(, "AutoCAD.Application") Set AecArchBaseApplication = app.GetInterfaceObject("AecX.AecArchBaseApplication.5.0") Set doc = AecArchBaseApplication.ActiveDocument Set WindowStyles = doc.WindowStyles Set WindowObject = doc.HandleToObject("[Handle]") Set WindowStyle = WindowStyles.Item(WindowObject.StyleName) Select Case WindowStyle.Type Case 0 RESULT = "Custom" Case 1 RESULT = "Picture" Case 2 RESULT = "Single Hung" Case 3 RESULT = "Double Hung" Case 4 RESULT = "Awning - Transom" Case 5 RESULT = "Double Casement" Case 6 RESULT = "Glider" Case 7 RESULT = "Hopper - Transom" Case 8 RESULT = "Pass Through" Case 9 RESULT = "Single Casement" Case 10 RESULT = "Single Hopper" Case 11 RESULT = "Single Awning" Case 12 RESULT = "Vertical Pivot" Case 13 RESULT = "Horizontal Pivot" Case 14 RESULT = "Uneven Single Hung" Case 15 RESULT = "Uneven Double Hung" End Select

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released

Having started to develop a little with ASP.NET using SOAP etc. I think it's time to look more at AJAX.

Link to ScottGu's Blog : ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released

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Monday, January 22, 2007

RSS Bandit 1.5.x (Jubilee) Release Candidate Installer Available

Installed and still my main feed reader.

Items marked as read when viewed in the Newspaper

Source: RSS Bandit 1.5.x (Jubilee) Release Candidate Installer Available

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Delete all RSS Feeds folders in Outlook 2007

I made the mistake to import my OPML file into Microsoft Outlook 2007 and with several hundreds of feeds I found that there was no way to delete multiple feeds. (Outlook does not support OPML with folders.) So I used some of the sample code for Outlook as a starter and solved it quicker than having to delete them one by one. Here is how to remove them automatically saving the tedious work to remove them manually. Open the VBA IDE using Alt+F11 or Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor

In Project1>Microsoft Office Outlook Objects>ThisOutlookSession add this code and run the subroutine DeleteAllRssFeedsFolders (folder path might need to be changed). When deleted they end up in the Deleted Items folder where they easily can be permanently deleted.

Private Function GetFolder(ByVal FolderPath As String) As Outlook.folder
Dim TestFolder As Outlook.folder
Dim FoldersArray As Variant
Dim i As Integer

On Error GoTo GetFolder_Error
If Left(FolderPath, 2) = "\\" Then
FolderPath = Right(FolderPath, Len(FolderPath) - 2)
End If
'Convert folderpath to array
FoldersArray = Split(FolderPath, "\")
Set TestFolder = Application.Session.folders.Item(FoldersArray(0))
If Not TestFolder Is Nothing Then
For i = 1 To UBound(FoldersArray, 1)
Dim SubFolders As Outlook.folders
Set SubFolders = TestFolder.folders
Set TestFolder = SubFolders.Item(FoldersArray(i))
If TestFolder Is Nothing Then
Set GetFolder = Nothing
End If
End If
'Return the TestFolder
Set GetFolder = TestFolder
Exit Function

Set GetFolder = Nothing
Exit Function
End Function

Private Sub DeleteFolders(ByVal oFolder As Outlook.folder)
Dim folders As Outlook.folders
Dim folder As Outlook.folder
Dim foldercount As Integer

On Error Resume Next
Set folders = oFolder.folders
foldercount = folders.Count
If foldercount Then
For Each folder In folders
DeleteFolders folder
End If
End Sub

Sub DeleteAllRssFeedsFolders()
Dim folder As Outlook.folder
Set folder = GetFolder("\\Personal Folders In\RSS Feeds")
If Not (folder Is Nothing) Then
DeleteFolders folder
End If
End Sub

Part 2 of 3

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 supports subscription of RSS Feeds. That is great! But is that useful? Not for me. If you only have a handful of feeds it can be useful. For now it seems like feeds where something thrown into Outlook without too much though or at least there was not enough time to get it really good.


  • RSS Feeds are supported.
  • There is an integration with Windows Internet Explorer 7. If you subscribe on a feed in IE7 it shows up in Outlook.
  • It's good to be able to read feeds offline.


  • I made the mistake to import my OPML file I exported from Bloglines and found that folder hierarchy where not supported. If you have more than 10+ feeds I'm pretty sure you started to organize them in folders.
  • There is an synchronization of feeds with IE7 but doesn't work fully.
  • Multiple RSS folders cannot be deleted.
  • I'd like to separate new RSS posts from regular mail. Now all show up in Unread items.
  • And many more.


  • There is no way to select all or many feeds and for example delete them I thought until I found it possible via Tools>Account Settings>RSS Feeds. But that didn't delete the actual folders.
  • If you want to delete multiple feeds in the Windows RSS platform that is used by IE7 look here: "[drive letter]:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Feeds\[your feeds and folders]"


Part 1 of 3

Saturday, January 20, 2007

ADT/ABS List Definition freeware tip

Here is a tip on practical usage of the newly released ADT/ABS List Definition freeware.

Say you have a List Definition and want to add some new items to the list. As you know they will not be sorted alphabetically when you select the list in the Properties palette.

  1. Run ListDefinitionExport.
  2. Open the AutoCAD Text Window (F2).
  3. Look for the List Definition and its items.
  4. Copy them to Excel.
  5. Add the new items.
  6. Use Find and Replace of four spaces to nothing to remove the first four spaces.
  7. Sort the list.
  8. Copy the list.
  9. Start ListDefinitionImport and paste into the text box.

Or if the list is already sorted.

  1. Run ListDefinitionExport.
  2. Open the AutoCAD Text Window (F2).
  3. Look for the List Definition and its items.
  4. Copy the items to the clipboard.
  5. Start ListDefinitionImport and paste into the text box. (No need to bother about the extra spaces in to the left. They will be automatically removed anyway since List Definition Values cannot start or end with a space character.)
  6. Add the new items at the correct location.

Wish list items I have for future versions of ADT/ABS.

  • List Definition Items and Classification Definition Items should allow all characters. I don't want this limitation. List/Classification Items should allow even <>/\":?*|,=`
  • It should be possible to specify sort order and rearrange the items in a List Definition. Drag and drop of items in a Classification Definition could also be improved.
  • API to support specifying what List Definitions should apply to. Now it's only possible to apply to all or none using AppliesToAll on Autodesk.Aec.DatabaseServices.ListDefinition.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Do you want to make an impression?

It is free so make use of it now that most Beta problems has been removed. But be aware of the catch. You might get addicted and just have to buy it when it is out of Beta.

Impression Preview 3 is now available at Autodesk Labs. The updates to Autodesk Impression can be downloaded at no cost on

Watch Video

PS. This offer is valid only in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. So in Sweden we are left out so far. Waiting for some good...

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

DOSLib 7.5 for AutoCAD 2007

According to Dale Fugier at Robert McNeel & Associates DOSLib 7.5 for AutoCAD 2007 is now available from DOSLib is a free LISP library of Windows and DOS functions for AutoCAD users and developers.

This update contains several new functions and some fixes to existing ones.

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Cannot edit a PivotTable in group edit mode

What to do if this message comes up in Microsoft Excel?

Right click on a sheet and select Ungroup Sheets or click on one of the sheets that is not selected.

If you don't know what group edit is, here is a little explanation from the help file on "Edit data on multiple worksheets".

When you select several worksheets and then change the data on one of them, the changes are applied to the same cells on all the selected worksheets.

And a nice note that can be useful.

When you edit data, the changes affect all selected worksheets and may inadvertently replace data that you didn't mean to change. If needed, you can view worksheets at the same time:

  1. On the Window menu, click New Window.
  2. Switch to the new window, and then click a worksheet that you want to view. Repeat for each worksheet that you want to view.
  3. On the Window menu, click Arrange, and then click the option that you want.

To view worksheets in only the active workbook, select the Windows of active workbook check box.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Personal backup of your drawings and documents using Mozy

Here is a tip for those that don't fully want to rely on their IT/IS department for backups. How many times have you tried to get some drawings or documents restored from backups having to wait hours for help and in worst case get the answer that the backup had failed? I have been there several times and sometimes made my own backup to my PC or to an USB memory stick.

The tip is to use Mozy online backup. Even if you work with files and have them open in (and locked by) for example Word, Excel or AutoCAD, Mozy is able to backup them. Some other services I have tried halt with a dialog box when trying to backup a locked up file and that is not good. Mozy can run in the background and take the backups (several times a day) and you don't need to worry about remembering to take the backup.

Below I show how it can look like if you want to restore from the backup. It is done directly within Windows Explorer.

2 GB of 100% free online backup space and unlimited space for only $4.95/month. Secure and easy to use. Use the link here or the referral code - VWW637 - and get another 256MB of free backup space. Now with unlimited restores and easy right click restore in Windows Explorer

I see that Mozy is going up the ladder quickly. Now on place 4. I also noticed that Mozy is no longer a beta product.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

ADT tip: Browsing Property Data

AecPropertyDataBrowse is a command I found not many know about but can be useful.

Open the tool palette that contains the Browse Property Data tool, and select it.
This tool is located with the Scheduling and Reporting Tools in the Stock Tool Catalog.

There is an option that allow an object to be highlighted in the drawing when you select a property set that is attached to the object or its style as well as zoom into the object.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fix problems with Flash Player like when New Features Workshop doesn't work

I got an email from a blog reader an wanted to share the solution I gave that helped.

For some reason (maybe due to updating ADT2007 to SP1), my New Features Workshop (in ADT2007) is not working. I know it uses Flash Player 9 (which also is not working on Internet Explorer, but is working on Firefox). I have downloaded and installed all the updates for IE, DirectX, Flash Player.

Here is what I suggested and uninstalling and installing Flash Player solved it.

First try to delete Temporary Internet Files and see if that helps. If that does not work uninstall the Flash Player using the instructions on this site (because it's not so obvious so you can use Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs). Restart the computer. Install the Flash Player again from the ADT 2007 CD at Install\support\Flash\Install Flash Player 8 AX.exe or install the latest available from Adobe.

It can for example affect installation of AutoCAD and the problem can be seen in the installation log file like below.

Installation started: Flash
Command = "\support\flash\Install Flash Player 8 AX.exe" /q
[Error: 1] Incorrect function.
Installation failed: Flash
[Info] Failure is ignored
[Error: 1603] Fatal error during installation.
Installation failed: AutoCAD 2007
Installation aborted

Version test for Adobe Flash Player.

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Google 'CAD' news

SketchUp 6 is Released! It even includes Layouts making it even more useful when it comes to 2D presentations. Other new features.

Google Earth 4 Officially Released as well.

FLEXlm/FLEXnet based applications not releasing the licenses properly

Thanks to a JTB FlexReport customer I have I got this information. IBM told them there is defect in the Macrovision’s 10.8 version of their License Manager. This was related to Rational applications but might as well be the the case for other applications like AutoCAD 2007 that uses this version and I know this has been a problem for Autodesk applications as well.

A workaround for many have been to use the TIMEOUTALL feature.

If you can, try to get at least version 10.8.5 from your vendor or reseller. I know that version 11.1 and version 11.4 exists but is not available from Macrovision's public ftp from what I can find.

Anyway, here is the FLEXnet licensing end user guide for 11.4 or newer ones.

The lowest acceptable value for timeout of Autodesk products is 900 seconds (15 minutes) and for MathWorks is 14,400 seconds (4 hours) and for IBM 7200 seconds (2 hours).

AutoCAD P&ID 2007

AutoCAD P&ID 2007 (aka Guinness beta) is soon to be released. The beta period is over. This is Autodesk’s first major venture into the Process and Power industry.

The public discussion group for AutoCAD P&ID has been opened. also works.

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Monday, January 8, 2007


Here is a tip about a useful command introduced in Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 and available in newer versions as well as ABS and Civil 3D. The ADT command AECINSPECT (or _AECINSPECT or INSPECT) lets you hover over entities to inspect and get information about them like layer, style name and style description, keynote information and property set information. Good for inspecting drawings without having to select the objects. Autosnap tooltip has to be enabled for this command to work. The initial value for the AUTOSNAP variable is 63.

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Autodesk trademarked Cyberspace

I ended up at because I found that my SmartPurger application dated from 2004 had been added to the archive. Searching around I found a TV program from 1992 about Autodesk Cyberspace.

In 1988, John Walker, then the chairman at Autodesk, Inc., of Sausalito, had the idea of building a software toolkit for creating shared virtual realities. Autodesk trademarked the word Cyberspace for an (unsuccessful) product called the Cyberspace Developer’s Kit. William Gibson was somewhat annoyed by this and jokingly claimed he was going to trademark Eric Gullichsen, this being the name of the first lead programmer on the Autodesk Cyberspace project. -

1992 the same year as this program was broadcast Autodesk’s stock price went down and Rudy Rucker that also worked with the Cyberspace project was out of the industry.

Autodesk last year at Autodesk Island in Second Life. Another kind of Cyberspace 14 years later.

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Friday, January 5, 2007

Some great old news from Autodesk

Finally! Drawing Tabs for AutoCAD 2007 and based products by Autodesk. Via Between the Lines blog.

Batch Publishing DWF files with AutoCAD 2007. Via Beyond the Paper blog.

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Skype behind IIS error

I got a problem with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and the Default Web Site. I found out that Skype was taking up port 80. The error message "Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740 occurred." was not obvious and the System Event showed below neither.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: W3SVC
Event ID: 115
The service could not bind instance 1. The data is the error code.
For additional information specific to this message please visit the Microsoft Online Support site located at:

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 40 27 00 00 @'..

Solution to this problem. In Skype>Options>Connections uncheck this option "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections" or temporary stop Skype, start the Default Web Site and after that Skype.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Learn ADT has a great compilation on ADT 2007 Wall Cleanups

Wall Cleanups can be most frustrating in Autodesk Architectural Desktop for many users. Share this link on the Learn ADT blog with them.

In addition to these tips don't forget to use the basic commands like Fillet, Extend and Trim first. There are so many times I have helped users with this simple tip. Another help can be to isolate the problematic walls to identify the problem. Copy some of the walls to an empty place and try to solve the problem there, maybe delete some of the walls to see if they are the problem.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Space Auto Generate Tool bug and workaround

Sometimes not all properties are listed in AecSpaceAutoGenerate>Generate Spaces>Tag Settings>Add Property Set to New Spaces>Property 1 and Property 2. The reason is that if the PSD has other than manual property definitions and all property definitions added after that will not show up. The workaround is then to add all manual property definitions first.

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