Sunday, January 7, 2007

Autodesk trademarked Cyberspace

I ended up at because I found that my SmartPurger application dated from 2004 had been added to the archive. Searching around I found a TV program from 1992 about Autodesk Cyberspace.

In 1988, John Walker, then the chairman at Autodesk, Inc., of Sausalito, had the idea of building a software toolkit for creating shared virtual realities. Autodesk trademarked the word Cyberspace for an (unsuccessful) product called the Cyberspace Developer’s Kit. William Gibson was somewhat annoyed by this and jokingly claimed he was going to trademark Eric Gullichsen, this being the name of the first lead programmer on the Autodesk Cyberspace project. -

1992 the same year as this program was broadcast Autodesk’s stock price went down and Rudy Rucker that also worked with the Cyberspace project was out of the industry.

Autodesk last year at Autodesk Island in Second Life. Another kind of Cyberspace 14 years later.

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  1. Restored comment
    Robert said...

    Long ago when I was writing for Cadence or was it Cadalyst I was invited over to Autodesk VR Labs. I put on the face sucker and rode the exercise bike through the virtual landscape. I was a Gibson buff and thought it was the future.

    January 08, 2007

  2. I worked at Autodesk. Chris helped put on the VPL glove and the headset. Just the way I remember him!


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