Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SSMPropEditor 4.2 released

SSMPropEditor version 4.2 is now available with more features to automate AutoCAD Sheet Sheet Manager.

Here are the news:

  • Added more abilities to control the paths to sheets. This affects renaming of sheet paths and also makes it possible to correct performance issues due to non existing paths. This is activated with the new Added Options>”Show found path” and “Advanced: Show internal paths”.
  • Improved the tree view control that lists the sheets so it retains selection after applying changes.
  • A no-installer download is also available making possible to run SSMPropEditor without the need run any installation in the first place. Great for the thumb drive or portable drive or network location.
  • Several bug fixes.

Update and correct non-existing paths to improve performance of AutoCAD SSM.

Here is what a user just emailed: “The new feature where you can change the pathing for the drawings has already saved us.”

SSMPropEditor makes it possible to select one, many or all sheets in a sheet set and update all properties at once, something that cannot be done with the Sheet Set Manager. Even if the revisions are different they can easily be incremented automatically to the next revision number or the Sheet numbers can be renumbered as well.

Contact us to get a time limited license file for free or purchase with a price per license of only 25 EUR or less depending on the total number of licenses purchased.

SSMPropEditor paid for itself on its first use

Slow Sheet Set Manager solution

More about SSMPropEditor including downloads.

Existing customers are entitled to this upgrade at no extra fee. Just install the new version.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 RC

Today I downloaded IE9 RC and also the new Adobe Flash Player 10.2 and found that the problems with Windows Live Writer 2011 now are fixed. After some initial tests I have not run into any issues and hope it stays that way. Update: see issues found at the bottom. Not as stable as I first hoped.

I can see that the performance in the IE9 RC has been improved further than earlier beta and IE9 is much quicker than IE8.

One nice addition I like in the RC is the ability to show tabs on a separate row . Just right click on a tab.

I like the ability to close a tab with one click without having to activate it first and also the ability to drag tabs to a separate Window or to snap them using Aero Snap.

Where is the RSS icon? You need to show the Command bar. Right-click on the empty space to the right of the New Tab button or other places on the top frame.

One small annoyance is that the colors used for groups are totally random and even though a group is created from the same page over and over again there is a new color each time. I had the third tab active and opened a new tab using Ctrl click on a link and got one color (see tab 3 and 4).

I then closed this new tab and did the same thing again and got another color (yellow).

The only way I found to avoid this is to disable tab groups completely. I wish the color choice was more consistent and in the example above that the color was the same. I can also imagine others wanting to decide what colors or color scheme to use.

After some further usage I do see some performance issues when quickly navigating sites. It still is not possible to click on say 5-10 links holding down Ctrl. There is also problem when Ctrl click to open a new tab and right after that trying to click on another tab that is open.

After some more usage I have run into IE9 RC hanging completely on a few pages (here is one sample if you want to try) that works fine in other Browsers and also crashing while searching for text on a page. Quite often I also find that there are iexplorer processes that are not closed and sometimes takes a lot of CPU having to kill them via Task Manager. This still apply to the RTM version 9.0.8112.16421.

Autodesk Discussion Groups need Compatibility View enabled to be able to post even with the released version of IE9.

More at WLW 2011 beta and IE9 beta test and Internet Explorer 9 beta test drive as well as on the IE blog.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Error 1001. The specified service has been marked for deletion

I’ve created an installer using a Visual Studio 2008 deployment project where I install and uninstall a Windows service using a custom action and run into this problem when reinstalling the program.

Error 1001. The specified service has been marked for deletion

Installation Incomplete: The installer interrupted before JTB FlexReport Core could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again. Click "Close" to exit.

Restarting Windows helps but I wanted to avoid that.

I tried to use sc delete but that didn’t work. I found a tip that services.msc should be closed but I did not have it running. I tried to manually tweak the registry HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services but it did not help either.

It took a while to identify the problem but the solution was easy. Close or exit from Sysinternals Process Explorer and run the setup again. For some reason Process Explorer is locking the service process and causing this problem.

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