Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Personal backup of your drawings and documents using Mozy

Here is a tip for those that don't fully want to rely on their IT/IS department for backups. How many times have you tried to get some drawings or documents restored from backups having to wait hours for help and in worst case get the answer that the backup had failed? I have been there several times and sometimes made my own backup to my PC or to an USB memory stick.

The tip is to use Mozy online backup. Even if you work with files and have them open in (and locked by) for example Word, Excel or AutoCAD, Mozy is able to backup them. Some other services I have tried halt with a dialog box when trying to backup a locked up file and that is not good. Mozy can run in the background and take the backups (several times a day) and you don't need to worry about remembering to take the backup.

Below I show how it can look like if you want to restore from the backup. It is done directly within Windows Explorer.

2 GB of 100% free online backup space and unlimited space for only $4.95/month. Secure and easy to use. Use the link here or the referral code - VWW637 - and get another 256MB of free backup space. Now with unlimited restores and easy right click restore in Windows Explorer

I see that Mozy is going up the ladder quickly. Now on place 4. I also noticed that Mozy is no longer a beta product.

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