Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer with Tilt Wheel not recommended for AutoCAD users

This Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer with Tilt Wheel is NOT something I can recommend for AutoCAD users.

Since I got so used to use the wheel to pan and zoom extents in AutoCAD I really cannot recommend this mouse. To hold down the wheel to pan quickly is hardly possible because so much force is needed to hold down the wheel. Double clicking to zoom extents is equally hard to do. Microsoft talks about "Ergonomic Design". For work in AutoCAD this design is definitely not ergonomic.

Other than that I think the mouse ease quite good even though I think the wheel is a bit to hard to roll. The thumb buttons are placed to high though to be easy accessed.

I have to agree with Steven Johnson's comments. With the latest drivers for the Mouse you can get the wheel to "work" in AutoCAD but as I said it's not productive and not easy. For those wanting to know how to set it to "work" in AutoCAD. Set it to AutoScroll in the settings for the wheel button.

Now I have to get hold of the purchase responsible for mouses at Pharmadule Emtunga where I work so no more of these things are bought for AutoCAD users.


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  2. Restored comments

    Troy Gates said...

    We ordered several of these MS mice for the AutoCAD users without testing them first. Big mistake. The scroll wheel on these MS mice were so soft you couldn't get a good scroll out of them. We ended giving them to non-AutoCAD users and purchased Logitech MX510. The users love these Logitech mice.
    June 01, 2005
    John Burrill said...

    Unfortuately, I have to concur with both comments (as I own both mice.)
    I bought the Intellimouse for it's wide buttons (skinny logitech buttons have become a nuisance) and comfortable hand-resting position. But the wheel is incredibly stiff and usually squirts to the side when I click it, resulting in an unwanted 3-tick scroll.) But, I guess my fingers are getting stronger, because over the last few weeks, I've gotten pretty good at striking the right balance of pressure and found that if I lift my other fingers up when I hit the button, it goes down consistently.
    Now, if only I could do something about the stupid LED on the butt of the thing. It stares at me all night while I'm trying to sleep. 'What do you think you're doing, Dave?' it seems to say.
    The MX500 is a good mouse with a decent feel, but the resting position crunches my fingers together and I don't know how they expect me to reach that forward thumb-button.
    Still, I'll take either of them over a ball-mouse.
    CAD naked
    June 01, 2005
    davestankus said...

    I returned mine.
    I'm currently using logitech MX1000
    It's a little small for my hand.
    Would like to locate a man-sized mouse.
    June 04, 2005
    Anonymous said...

    Bought one and found it useless for acad. Still use the old 5 button Intellimouse Optical. Modified the shape by adding a few layers of sticky foam tape to raise the left button.
    I found this to be the best solution so far.
    June 14, 2005
    Anonymous said...

    Same experience... Very comfortable mouse, but useless for AutoCad users.
    March 17, 2007
    Anonymous said...

    Microsoft MX6000 wireless mouse has the same problems if not more. The software pretty much regens anytime the crosshairs roll over an object in autocad. Can't really figure out why. Just installed a lower version v04 I think to solve the problem. It doesn't, however, fix the horrible mouse wheel problem that the Intelimouse has. They are both the same.
    August 11, 2007


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