Saturday, November 5, 2005

Autodesk University 2005 teaser

I'm working right now on preparing for my class PD13-1: Plant Design Tips and Tricks and even though it's related to Plant Design, most things I will go through can be applicable to any discipline. Things I will cover are a lot of the new functionality that came in AutoCAD 2006 and how to apply this in your daily work. I combine this with lots of older useful functions that you might never used. All in all this will increase your productivity using AutoCAD and it's a lot of fun doing it too. How about this? Convert your old blocks to smart dynamic blocks. Put them on a tool palette. Add them to a drawing a make a BOM that is updatable. Learn some tricks about tables and fields. Connect to external datasources and reuse that data instead of typing it in a second time and when the master data is changed the text on the drawings can easily be updated. Work smart in 2D/3D and make use of CUI. Here is my profile at AU Connect.

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