Sunday, December 10, 2006

AutoCAD Error Aborting FATAL ERROR: Unhandled e06d7363h Exception at 7c812a5bh

I was working with Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007 when I started to get this error. After a couple of times I noticed that it happened when I clicked on the File menu. I did not want to reinstall and wondered what it could be. Other menues worked well so I thought about the Drawing History. I started to set Options>Open and Save>File Open>Number of recently-used files to list to 0 and restarted ADT. Now I could access the File menu. It also helped to delete this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R17.0\ACAD-5004:409\Recent File List
I can reproduce the error editing the key File1. When it is C:\ADT2007 ABC spaces construct.dwg it crashes. This is a non existing drawing. When changed to C:\test.dwg that also is non existing it does not crash. What if it was related to the lenght. I tried C:\12345678901234567890123.dwg and it crashed and C:\1234567890123456789012.dwg without getting a crash. Oh well.
But I want the history and I want to be able to use names with more than 17 characters including .dwg. I've used files with names like this before and it worked so it's probably something else related to this problem. Still not satisfied I searched the Knowledge Base and found
TS1061587 that was about the same error message but the issue was not related. I tried to enable hardware acceleration as the solution was and what do you know. It solved the problem. For a moment. Then it returned again. Workaround found but not satisfied with it. Let's see if the ADT Error Report's I sent in to Autodesk helps... If you know of a solution please add a comment.
Update! The problem has started to happen in AutoCAD 2007 as well.
2007-04-07 Update!
A solution is found. See this
KB document. This
error will occur if an incorrect version of a Microsoft DLL file MFC80U.DLL
exists on the computer.
2007-10-25 Update. Shaan posts about AutoCAD crashes when the File menu is accessed

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