Thursday, June 5, 2008

Software Asset Management for Autodesk licenses

During the recent Virtual Event I found the following useful resources. If you visit or there are several resources available on how to identify genuine Autodesk products and protect yourself against piracy, stay compliant and get compliant.

Software Asset Management Toolkit (pdf - 1280Kb) is a document worth reading.

JTB FlexReport showing network license usageFor network licenses JTB FlexReport can be tool that helps you with SAM (Software Asset Management).


Useful Tips from Autodesk

Ensure You Are Purchasing Authentic Autodesk Products

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is not a legitimate (a.k.a. “legal”) product. If the vendor states that the product is available for download and/or if the vendor does not offer tech support, do not buy from that vendor. Learn more about how to identify authentic Autodesk products.

Institute a Company Policy Regarding the Use of Software
Communicate the policy clearly and consistently to advise leaders and employees to adhere to software license agreements. Commit to supplying original software to meet the needs of all your users. View our Software Asset Management Toolkit for sample text to use in writing a company policy.

A copy of the Autodesk End-User License Agreement can be viewed by choosing “About (program name)… from the Help menu in your Autodesk program.

Regularly Review and Revise Policies Regarding the Use of Software
Policies should be reviewed regularly and revised to clarify existing points and to address new issues that have become part of the work environment.

Create a Software Code of Ethics
Ask employees to sign a letter acknowledging the company forbids illegal software duplication. This can be part of a new employee orientation packet. View our Software Asset Management Toolkit for sample text of a software code of ethics.

Develop a Support Structure for a Code of Ethics
Create mechanisms—an ombudsperson, an ethics committee, a suggestion box, or an employee "help line"—to support the code of ethics. Employees need to feel safe reporting software copyright infringements to management without fear of negative repercussions or job loss.

Anticipate and Fulfill User Needs
Survey your employees once or twice annually to determine their software needs. To deter users from unauthorized copying, make sure bureaucracy does not impede timely delivery of the software.

Establish Realistic Budgets for Hardware and Software
Do not take financial shortcuts to pay for software. Make sure to plan for software purchases as you do for hardware.

Perform Software Self-Audits
Inspect software in use to ensure it was acquired legitimately and is accounted for in your software register. View our Software Asset Management Toolkit for information about compiling a software register.

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