Sunday, December 12, 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 picture quality bug

I became aware of this bug today that happens with WLW 2011.

In some cases when an image is added the quality is not perfect as expected. Below is what it look like at first showing a blurry result.

For now there seems to at least be some workaround and that is to click on Original picture size or change the size a bit and back to the size it should be.

I have been able to reproduce this by having resized a large image to a smaller size and then used the Set to default button. The problem as seen in the image above is that even images that are inserted in original size are affected.

I hope Microsoft can release a fix for this and some of the other known bugs soon.

  • Link to source picture problem: Sometimes when I have pictures set to link to source picture I find that the published picture on the blog is with no link and cannot be clicked on to open up the larger version of the picture.
  • Windows Live Writer 2011 bug and wish describing a problem with QAT.
  • Clear formatting button is clearing some of the formatting on the whole post and not just the selection. The description says: “Change the selection to plain text by clearing all of the formatting. One thing I found is if some of the paragraphs in the post are centered and I select a link that I pasted in that has another HTML style like Heading 5 and press Clear formatting all centered paragraphs are aligned to the left.
  • There are unsaved changes to this post problem

Note also that A new build (15.4.3508.1109) of Windows Live Writer 2011 was released December 1, 2010 and can be downloaded from

If you have any wishes for WLW features or bug fixes leave a comment on Microsoft’s Aaron’s Live Writer Blog.

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