Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bootstrap Your AutoCAD Deployments

Here is a tip on January/February 2011 issue of AUGIWorld.

R. Robert Bell has done a great work with the “Bootstrap Your AutoCAD Deployments” article and shows an example on how the profiles.lsp can be put to use.

"Bootstrapping AutoCAD from the secondary installer removes a great deal of the complexity in deploying AutoCAD. The addition of a single file to the deployment package can make deploying AutoCAD to users a seamless experience. When the bootstrap is combined with locating the user’s customizations on the network the user no longer suffers as large a productivity hit when he or she uses new hardware. The bootstrap also makes the CAD Manager’s and IT staff’s life much easier because the complexity of dealing with the secondary installer has been mitigated. The bootstrap should make it easier to roll out new versions of AutoCAD in a timely manner because less time needs to be spent configuring a deployment approach.”


  1. less time may be necessary creating the deployment, however, more time is required to get the bootstrap ready for deployment. In order to get a profile setup for the new release, one must already have the program installed on at least one machine prior to creating the deployment. Or am I mistaken (and I hope I am) and there is a better way to setup a default profile?

  2. This does take time to prepare and test and does only make sense if you have a lot of computers to deploy.


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