Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snagit 11 released

Are you a Snagit user or like to be one? Version 11 is released today.

I’ve been using it for some time and is happy with how it works even though the Editor still need more performance improvements.

News in this release are:

Video Capture: Using MPEG-4 video format you can now create screen videos for demos or quick reviews, and share them instantly to YouTube, Facebook, and more!

New Stamps: New and improved stamps.



More Zoom Options: Snagit now shrinks your large captures so they immediately fit on your canvas and offers more zoom proportions for you to edit your images to the perfect size.

Spell Check: Spell checking for text in callouts.

Easier Resizing: Easier than ever to edit the size of your capture.

Paste from Clipboard: Copy and paste from within Snagit and it will automatically make the canvas the right size for your capture.

Centered Canvas: When your capture pops up in the Snagit editor the canvas now automatically creates a border around your image, giving you plenty of room to add annotations, arrows, and other effects.

And a more complete list of news including removed features.

  • Improved video capture.
  • Added MP4 support for video output.
  • Added spell checking to callouts and text capture.
  • Added Camtasia Studio output, Screencast.com output, and YouTube output to the default install.
  • Improved scrolling capture support for Google Chrome.
  • Added more increments to the zoom slider in editor.
  • Added support for working in natural units (inches and centimeters) for image sizing.
  • Restricted the use of GIF and 256-color image files to only during opening and saving.
  • Added an option to prevent automatically saving captures.
  • Improved Snagit's performance, particularly for images with transparency.
  • Removed support for several file formats including .msp, .cal, .pcx, .raw, etc.
  • Removed the ability to capture full screen DOS windows.
  • Removed the ability to capture icons from .exe and .dll files.
  • Removed the "Create Web Page" feature.
  • Removed the Web Capture mode.
  • Removed the ability to capture from DirectX applications.
  • Removed various region capture options including capturing triangle region, a rounded rectangle region, an ellipse region, etc.
  • Fixed several problems where security software interfered with Snagit's installation and functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading to a new version of Snagit required restarting Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug where moving saved .snag files to new directories caused the files to become corrupted.
  • Fixed a crash bug that would occur when using the perspective/shear effect.

If you’re still on version 10 and plan to stay using it, 17 January, 2012 Snagit v10.0.2 was released with some bug fixes. Go get it.

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