Monday, October 12, 2015

ArcGIS License Server and lmutil.exe problem

A couple of customers of JTB FlexReport reported about an issue with the the usage monitoring of Esri ArcGIS licenses (like ARC/INFO, Grid, Tin, Viewer). The number of issued licenses and the number of licenses in use were 2-5 times higher than what the ArcGIS License Server Administrator showed.

We found that it was the FlexNet tool lmutil.exe that caused this problem. lmutil.exe v11.12.1.4 and v11.12.1.2 did not work but v11.11.1.2 and v11.11.1.0 did work.

Thus the solution was to take an older version of lmutil.exe and use it. Put the version of lmutil.exe from the Esri license server in a separate folder (for example: C:\lmutil Esri\) on the machine where JTB FlexReport is installed and point to that location in JTB FlexReport Config on the FlexNet tab. This ensures that lmutil.exe is not updated when upgrading JTB FlexReport next time.

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