Monday, January 30, 2017

AutoCAD Lisp signing command line tool

You maybe knew about AcSignApply.exe but did you know that command line tool is available too? It’s not so obvious because AcSignApply.exe is found in the installation folder of AutoCAD but AcSignTool.exe is not. AcSignTool.exe can be downloaded here and described here. It’s for AutoCAD 2016 but should work for AutoCAD 2017 too.


In AutoCAD 2016 it was added the ability to digitally sign lisp files (.lsp, .fas and .vlx). There is the GUI version, AcSignApply.exe (which gets installed in the AutoCAD install folder) to sign the lisp files.

AcSignTool.exe is the commandline version of AcSignApply.exe. It is meant for signing lisp files in a batch process. AutoCAD doesn't need to be installed.

You can find the usage instructions by entering AcSigntool.exe /?

Usage: AcSignTool -sign /file:[inputfile] /cert:[certificate] /time:[timestamp] /comment:[description]
Usage: AcSignTool -verify /file:[inputfile]

Usage: AcSignTool -remove -force /file:[inputfile]

AcSignTool -sign /file:"c:\files\foo.lsp" /cert:12345678901234567890 /time:1
AcSignTool -verify /file:"c:\files\foo.lsp"
AcSignTool -remove -force /file:"c:\files\foo.lsp"
AcSignTool -issigned /file:"c:\files\foo.lsp"

/file:[inputfile] Full path of the file that needs to signed.

/file:[certs] Certificate to be used for signing, please enter the serial number.
The following certificates are available for signing on this machine.
/Serial Number                  Subject                 Issuer
123456789                       JTB World Inc.        DigiCert SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA

/time:[timestamp] Timestamp that should be used for signing please enter the index.
The following time sources are available.
Index                   Time Source
0               (No time stamp)
1               Time from this computer
2               National Institute of Standards and Technology (
3               Symmetricom (
4               CTS (

/comment:[description] Description to be included in the signature.

-force Clears the Read-only file attribute.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that AcSignCore16.dll is available with the tool, copy timesrvr.txt to AcSignTool exe folder.

If you need help with any Lisp customization feel free to contact us.

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