Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Palette Auto-hide Speed tips

With our Palette Auto-hide Speed freeware you can adjust how the palette roll-up/roll-out (show/hide or minimize/expand) for most palettes in AutoCAD and its verticals.

Here the tips: Set Roll-up to 0 (or higher if he want the palette to stay open longer after moving away from it) and Roll-out to a high value like 5000. Using this trick you either will need to click on the title bar of the palette to show it or wait 5 seconds hovering over it before it rolls out. 

Palette Auto-hide Speed 

Here’s an animation showing how it works and notice that just moving the mouse over the bar does not open the palette. It is first when clicking on the bar that the palette is opened.

Palette Auto-hide Speed animation

Give Palette Auto-hide Speed freeware a try and use your preferred settings.

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