Thursday, January 6, 2005

Microsoft® Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

I just downloaded, installed and tried Microsoft® Windows AntiSpyware (Beta). No Spyware found this time though.


  1. Restored comment
    by Anonymous
    You will most likely continue to have problems detecting and removing threats from your computers so long as you prolong a much needed change in software. I’ve been through what you’re going through now a few years back when the infections my computer kept getting where worse each day. It got to a point where the programs I was using at the time just couldn’t keep up even when I kept them up to date. I couldn’t get them to detect obvious threats and at one point they wouldn’t even boot up anymore due to infection. After much deliberation and anger I finally admitted that my programs where no longer functional in the fight against threats to my network and I went and found myself a really good free antivirus software application. I installed this baby and I’ve had no problem and the amount of threats that get through is minimal at worst. Get out there and find something new or you may be stuck for a long time.

  2. Restored comment
    by JTB World
    If you look at the original post you will see that it's quite old.

    But I did check the Blink products and "Not yet compatible with Windows Vista" is not a good sign though for something new.


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