Sunday, September 3, 2006

DWGgateway supports DWG 2007

Some days ago I mentioned that Open Design Alliance supports DWG 2007. Now it seems to be used by SolidWorks an ODA member. The beta for DWGgateway that works for AutoCAD 2007 can be downloaded. Notice that this link must be used to get the beta.

AutoCAD® free download

According to their email:

DWGgateway 3.0 (beta) now works with AutoCAD 2007

If you’re an AutoCAD® user who occasionally has issues sharing files with colleagues, DWGgateway™ can make your life easier than ever now that it reads files created with AutoCAD 2007 and converts older AutoCAD file formats to 2007 format

Try DWGgateway 3.0 beta

Use DWGgateway to:
* Open files from any version of AutoCAD.
* Create Adobe PDF documents.
* Eliminate the need to upgrade your AutoCAD licenses.

Notice the following. When I installed the software and started ADT 2007 I got a dialog box forcing me to activate the product using name, email, title and country.

It still forces me for example to plot both the model and the layout to PDF even though I just want the layout. It uses the saved page setup and does not use the AutoCAD plot interface.

Uninstalling DWGgateway does not clean up fully from CUI. The menu and toolbar show up as unresolved.

For some DWGgateway can be useful no doubt. But if you want PDF files I recommend CutePDF instead and if you want to convert between different DWG versions I recommend DWG TrueConvert 2007.

Here is what I said about DWGgateway almost a year ago.

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