Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Search and find DWF's online

This is a bit old news. It's been mentioned before. But it's great that DWF files can be searched. Not just the files but also the content like text within the DWF.

Make a search for the word motor in a DWF and see what can be found.


Because DWF files can now be indexed and returned by leading search engines, designers can be confident that others can access and experience data-rich information online, improving collaboration and communication.

Autodesk says users can search by file type and find pages that are CAD documents posted online. To locate a drawing, map, or model, users construct a search including the phrase “Filetype:dwf” and terms regarding the type of file sought.

Complete article.

Notice that you cannot use Filetype:dwf as the article says. You must use filetype:dwf with lower case to have it work. Wondering when DWFx will be supported.

Searching for DWF files on Google results right now in 88,100 found. Searching on Windows Live Search and 103,000 are found.

In the Google advanced search it's also available among the File Formats for easy access.

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  1. Restored comment
    by Scott Sheppard
    And once you find your DWF files, you can view them as thumbnails using the Render This Link bookmarklet:


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