Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to host js files for free

I tried to find a place to host JavaScript files for free. Google Sites was one option I thought of to place the js files but it did not accept to attach the js file type. The simple workaround was to remove the file extension and it worked anyway to use it in HTML code and it is still recognized as a JavaScript file.
<script type="text/javascript" src=></script>
I have not tried if this trick works with other kind of script files but it might work as well.

Google Sites can host a bunch of other file types without this trick. Documents, images, music files and so on are accepted.

How much storage do I have in Google Sites?
For Sites created under

Site quota: 100Mb/site (you can have multiple sites)
Max attachment size: 10Mb
Pages per site: unlimited

But notice that the bandwidth is quite limited and it is not revealed by Google. If you run into the limit your page will even be locked to edit with the message “Bandwidth limited exceeded”. This means you cannot even remove some of the large sized files.

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  1. I'm using to host my .js files


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