Monday, June 29, 2009

Sheet Set Manager editing of Sheet Properties on many Sheets

I did a test using AutoCAD’s Sheet Set Manager and clocked the time updating 3 Sheet Properties on 10 different Sheets. I right click on a Sheet and select Properties… and add a Revision, Revision By and Revision Date where they are the same for all the sheets. I paste the date from the clipboard to speed things up. Still it takes around 10 seconds per Sheet to do this and I can imagine users that might need 20 seconds for this. Here are three of the Sheet Custom Properties seen.

Sheet Properties

Imagine an engineer costs 35 EUR per hour updating 300 sheets would costs around 30 EUR.

Now there is a time and money saver available. With SSMPropEditor you can do the same thing on 10 or even 1000 sheets in the same time it takes to update only a couple of sheets with SSM.

SSMPropEditor is sold at 25 EUR or less per license so if you use Sheet Set Manager and need to edit properties across multiple sheets you can easily see how great a deal it is.

It is also so much more fun to use SSMPropEditor instead of manually having repeat the same step over and over. You don’t even have to start AutoCAD. You don’t even need AutoCAD to be installed, just access to the Sheet Set DST file. This means anyone can review the drawings with AutoCAD LT or a DWG viewer and then approve or edit the properties right away.

When the property values are varying among the sheets you can see *VARIES* as value and it can quickly be edited on all selected sheets with SSMPropEditor.

image     image

Contact us for a free trial.


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2009

    Does this program work with AutoCAD Architecture's Project Navigator?

  2. Yes, SSMPropEditor works fine also with the Project Navigator Sheets.


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