Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hide or isolate objects in AutoCAD freeware

I mentioned a few days ago that I wanted to release a freeware and here it is.

You can hide, isolate or unisolate selected objects with it.

It is free and without support and released as it is. It is a VBA program that you need to load with VBALOAD and then the form can be showed with VBARUN running IsolateHideObjects.dvb!Start.Isolate.
It can be called by AutoLISP like this:
(vl-vbarun "c:/temp/IsolateHideObjects.dvb!Start.Isolate")

Download here.
(notice the warning in the comments about the risk of saving a drawing without using UnIsolate so make sure to know about potential side effects)

For any questions please keep them as comment in this blog post.


  1. Hi!
    Unfortunately it just does not work. I got AutoCAD MEP 2008. The box comes up nicely and I can press buttons but nothing happens on the screen. The only button that works is the Exit-button ;)

  2. Hi, Try to download it again. I made an update. Not sure why the first one did not work.

  3. Ok, it works now, although the beginning of the zip-file is corrupted (according to IZarc).

    But besides that, if you allow me a critical comment: IMHO this tool is VERY dangerous. If somebody hides or isolates and then saves and closes a drawing without hitting the "unisolate"-button in your tool first then the drawing may as well be viewed as corrupted for anybody else. You should NEVER allow a normal user to "play around" with the visibility (GC 60) of entities. But as I said, that's just my point of view.

  4. I re-zipped the file so it might be better now.
    Good point about the "warning".


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