Sunday, November 22, 2009

Microsoft Office 2010 beta and Outlook 2010 review

Office 2010
I had hopes for Outlook 2010 and its conversation view to improves the tracking of e-mail conversations. The problem is that it is just based on the email subject and I often have multiple different conversations but with the same subject. I really hope Microsoft makes this works better before the final release or this feature will be a big fail.
Who replied to who? Outlook 2010 makes it even easier to tell who replied to who inside of a conversation. Click on any individual message inside of a conversation to see a dotted line that shows which messages it replies to. This can be useful when a reply comes into a conversation that actually responded directly to an earlier message in the conversation.
Reply and Reply All are smarter too, and will always reply to the latest message in the conversation. If you happen to open an older message in the conversation and hit Reply – say a flagged mail from the ToDo Bar, for example – Outlook 2010 has you covered with a new clickable warning will appear that allows you to instantly jump to the latest message in the conversation.
The new Clean Up feature seems to be disabled but if it works it will be great. “enable you to save valuable inbox space by turning dozens of e-mails into just a few conversations using the Clean Up feature”
It just need to be smart enough to handle that many make inline comments on previous emails in the history.
One good thing is that I can now make a custom follow up flag if I select multiple emails.
Search has been improved! This is big for me as it fails too often to find correctly in Outlook 2007. I also see that performance is much better.
Final and official release of Office 2010 is slated for the first half of 2010.
Download for Office 2010 Beta.

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