Thursday, December 17, 2009

AutoCAD Exchange 9 months later

AutoCAD Exchange, Autodesk’s online community for AutoCAD users, has received nearly 300,000 unique visitors from more than 200 countries around the world since March 2009 according to the press release.

If you haven’t checked it out already take a look and see what you like about it.

Update: Via twitter came this info from @Binrock @jtbworld Did you know that #AUGI had 4 times as many during the same period? 1.2 million absolute unique visits

I wonder what stats is?


  1. It's interesting that it would state that they are from over 200 countries when most lists only show at most 195 countries, and at most only 203 sovereign states (whether they are recognized or not)

  2. The question seem to be:

    What is a country?

    A sovereign state? A nation? A federal state? Do the USA consists of 50 countries - or not?



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