Thursday, August 12, 2010

CAD and PLM never really changed the way people work together

Check out this blog post on The Vuuch Voice Blog PLM: Is it a productivity driver or are we just breaking expensive rocks?

And who among us wants to make a bet that Dassault Systemes, Autodesk, PTC, Oracle and PTC are going to tell their price-sensitive, recession-wracked customers that release 432 of their PLM system won’t make a real difference? That more PLM, more CAD just ain’t gonna help shock the patient’s heart back into rhythm?

Chris and I have a theory: CAD and PLM never really changed the way people work together. Those technologies simply automated aspects of the product development and manufacturing process that needed automation. But once that was achieved — and productivity was boosted for a time — re-automating the same processes over and over again yields no substantive benefit.

Vuuch it with Vuuch for AutoCAD

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  1. The problem I see is that many environments that use PLM are large and beauracratized to the point where no one group "owns" the entire start-to-finish process, so they can't effect an overall change to anything. They can barely change the one portion they do "own". In other places it's just institutionalized culture and no technology can overcome stupid human preferences.


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