Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AutoCAD Architecture 2011 Update 1

Knowledge Base document AutoCAD Architecture 2011 Update 1 has all details.

The following AutoCAD Architecture defects have been fixed:

3D Modeling

  • Components whose display has been turned off are shown on converting an AEC object to a 3D Solid.

Curtain Walls

  • Custom model components in a curtain wall may display incorrect material assignments in different display configurations in 3D views.


  • Associative dimensions may not update when walls are moved.

Drawing Management

  • Redefining an existing model space view causes AutoCAD Architecture to crash.

General UI

  • AutoCAD Architecture may crash on launching the Style Manager.


  • Third-party applications based on AutoCAD Architecture cannot access their Help files through the application.


  • Some roofs may change position after executing the IFCEXPORT command.


  • The MATERIALLIST command reports the volume of only the first object in a multiple selection.


  • AutoCAD Architecture may crash while trimming entities.


  • Sometimes memory usage increases when switching back and forth between the tabs of the Properties Palette.


  • A wall with display overrides displays incorrectly when modified in the renovation mode.


  • Creating a horizontal section may cause AutoCAD Architecture to crash.


  • No style information is available in the Properties Palette for a slab created by applying the properties of the Slab tool to linework and walls.


  • Trimming a wall may cause doors and windows in the wall to move or disappear.
  • Walls that clean up correctly in a previous version may not clean up correctly in AutoCAD Architecture 2011.
  • Wall cleanup EIP functions such as Merge, Subtract, Fillet, and Chamfer do not work in a custom UCS.

General AutoCAD updates are also included as specified in AutoCAD 2011 Update 1 that eventually became AutoCAD 2011 Update 1.1

Other updates are: AutoCAD MEP 2011 Update 1, AutoCAD Map 3D 2011 Update 1 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 Update 1.

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