Monday, November 8, 2010

Slow Sheet Set Manager solution

If you suddenly get performance problem with a Sheet Set that previously did work good the problem might be related to that any of the paths or files points to a location that does not exists or have been moved. Check all paths and make sure they exists. Remember to check also paths to templates and so on.

To some extent SSMPropEditor can help but if you need to find all paths saved in the DST file you can open the DST file in SSMPropEditor and you will find a temporary XML file created in the %TEMP% folder that you can open in a text editor or XML editor and review. But if you want to make changes to it and save back to DST you will need our DST Converter.

The DST converter is useful for IT or CAD Managers to correct performance problems with SSM Sheet Sets that started to perform badly. The program converts a DST file to an XML file that can be edited in an XML editor or Notepad and then converted back to DST. One customer used it to replace some dead paths in an SSM file and made a 50 sheet set of construction dwgs each open in 20 seconds instead of the 1½-2 minutes it was taking. Another customer found that the size of the DST was increasing more than reasonable and was able to manually compress and remove erroneous data. Eventually found out that changing the "include in publish" status was what caused the bloat. 1 license of DST Converter is 5 EUR. Contact us for details.

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