Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AutoCAD 2011 Update 2

If you use AutoCAD 2011 go get Update 2.

AutoCAD 2011 Update 2 and Readme
AutoCAD LT 2011 Update 2 and Readme

AutoCAD 2011 Update 1.1 is a prerequisite.

Updates have been made in the following commands and features: 3D Cache, Annotation Scaling, ASM, DBX-ACDB, DRAW2D, Drawing Tools, eTransmit, Hatch, Layer, Layouts, Mtext, OLE, Options and Text.

The following defects have been fixed:

  • .NET API is not always able to create a polyline boundary.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when selecting Perspective in the View Cube context menu.
  • 3Dconnexion device may not work properly on a 64 bit Operating System in 2D mode in paper space.
  • 3Dconnexion device performance may be slow when zooming and or working in a 2D visual style.
  • Extrusions from mesh face path may not be able to follow multiple segment paths correctly.
  • Using an API to render AcDbSubDmesh may lose its orientation, scale and original texture mapping.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when editing a drawing with all 3dosnaps enabled.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable after using Control Copy and Control Paste, then SAVEAS to R12DXF
  • Command line history may display items that were not entered through the command line.
  • When trimming polylines and arcs the shape can change and sometimes decurve.
  • Polylines may return a negative area if you have used the REVERSE command.
  • WBLOCK may be unable to save the drawing to the AutoCAD 2000 file format for “DWG” and “DXF”.
  • Plotting DWF Classic may be missing lines on the final DWF.
  • Drawings rendered in AutoCAD 2012 may display an error when rendered in AutoCAD 2011.
  • When rendering a drawing, you may receive an error message about missing assets.
  • Input value may not be displayed in the recent input right click menu.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable after editing Mtext and then changing viewports.
  • Unable to export multi-line attribute values with ObjectDBX.
  • You may receive an "Invalid Drawing" warning when opening up drawings created on AutoCAD 2011 for the Mac.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when importing a profile that contains a change to the STATUSBAR sysvar.
  • Perpendicular Osnap behavior is different when grip editing Lines and grip editing Polylines.
  • Drawing files created with non-Autodesk products can now be successfully opened using the COM AcadDocuments::Open API.
  • Some custom lisp routines may run slower than in previous releases.
  • Performance may be slow on Windows 7 with selected polylines while zoomed out as far as possible.
  • Property Palette may become slow when selecting dimension entities.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when publishing large drawings to PDF.
  • Running recover on some DWG files may cause text to move in the DWG.
  • Custom menu macros that send numbers to the command line will only work once when entered from the Ribbon.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable while editing MTEXT.
  • When Workspaces are set to automatically save changes, restarting AutoCAD may result in both the Ribbon and the Command line being turned off.

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