Thursday, October 13, 2011

Solution to the problem with PayPal emails in Outlook


Problem with PayPal emails locking up (Not Responding) Outlook?

You may see a message about contacting: \\\b\ss\paypalglobal\1\G.4-NS

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and probably older versions stops responding, freezes or hangs for quite a while.


One solution is to wait.

Another is to turn off the reading pane or just show it as plain text.

A better solution is to add a new line to the host file: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Hopefully PayPal will fix this issue with their emails soon.


  1. Thank you! This stumped me for a day until I figured out it was Paypal only emails.

  2. Thank You Thank You! I was ready to reinstall Windows till I found your blog and realized it was PayPal! Google is great!

  3. GREAT FIX! At first I thought my Outlook PST was corrupted or something. Eventually - trial and error lead me to realize that it was PayPal (and EBay) emails only. A quick Bing search and found your blog. 20 seconds later - my problem is no more.

    I'm sure PayPal will fix this eventually...but who cares? I don't really like the idea of them "phoning home" every time I look at an email anyway. I'm leaving your host file entry switched on forever!



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