Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Computer Performance and Flash Player problem and solution

Having problems with the computer being slower that expected?

Is the Flash Player causing the CPU fan to sound too much? The Flash Player is known for using a lot of CPU and is often a first indicator that it’s time to clean the computer. Check the CPU temperature using for example Real Temp.

Vacuum cleaner and Gas duster (canned air/compressed air) can do magic with the computer performance and eliminate noise. Note! Shut down the operating system and remove the power cord.

You don’t want it to look like this.

Computer dust

All the dust will lead to overheating because it acts like an insulation blanket on heatsink cooling surfaces and clogging fan filters. Optical disk drives like CDROM and DVD are very vulnerable as they contain motors and servos as well as rely on a dust-free light path for the laser-light and optical lenses to function properly.  The keyboard and mouse are also affected by dust and might lead to stuck keys or sticky mouse movements.

When did you clean yours last time? When did your IT department perform cleaning of the office computers?

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