Friday, April 27, 2012

AutoCAD 2013 New Commands

In AutoCAD 2013 I have found these 34 new commands.

New commands Description
AI_DOWNLOAD_LANGUAGE_PACKS Open webpage for language packs.
AI_DOWNLOAD_OFFLINEHELP Open webpage for offline help.
AI_OPEN_FACEBOOK_WITH_PRODUCT Open webpage for Autodesk on Facebook.
AI_OPEN_SUBSCRIPTION Open webpage for Autodesk Subscription.
AI_OPEN_TWITTER_WITH_PRODUCT Open webpage for Autodesk on Twitter.
ARRAYCLASSIC Displays the legacy Array dialog box. (came in AutoCAD 2012 SP1)
-ARRAYCLOSE Saves or discards changes made to an array’s source objects and exits the array editing state.
AUTODESKCONNECTIONPOINT Connector - connection point from Civil3D
ONLINECOLNOW Starts an online session with AutoCAD WS, in which people that you invite can simultaneously view and edit your current drawing.
ONLINEDOCS Opens your Autodesk 360 documents list and folders in a browser.
ONLINEOPTIONS Opens the Online tab of the Options dialog box.
ONLINESHARE Designates who can access the current document from your Autodesk 360.
ONLINESYNC Starts or stops syncing your custom settings with your Autodesk 360 account.
ONLINESYNCSETTINGS Displays the Choose Which Settings Are Synced dialog box where you can specify selected settings to be synced.
ONLINETOMOBILE Sends a notification to your mobile devices, enabling you to find and open the current drawing on your mobile devices quickly.
ONLINEUPLOAD Uploads specified drawing files to your Autodesk 360 account.
POINTCLOUDCLIP Crops the display of a selected point cloud to specified boundaries.
POINTCLOUDINTENSITYEDIT Opens the Point Cloud Intensity Color Mapping dialog box that specifies intensity color mapping for eligible point clouds.
RENDERONLINE Uses the online resources in your Autodesk 360 account to create an image of a 3D solid or surface model.
SHOWRENDERGALLERY Displays the images that were previously rendered and stored in your Autodesk 360 account.
SURFEXTRACTCURVE Extracts isolines curves from a surface.
VIEWCOMPONENT Selects drawing view components for editing.
VIEWDETAIL Supports the creation of detail views by selecting an existing drawing view
VIEWSECTION Supports the creation of section views by selecting a drawing view to cut.
VIEWDETAILSTYLE Supports the creation or modification of detail view styles.
VIEWSECTIONSTYLE Supports the creation and editing of section view styles.
VIEWSKETCH Activates model space for a view and enters a “view sketching” state to edit and constrain a section line or detail boundary
VIEWSKETCHCLOSE Exits a “view sketching” state and makes paper space current.
VIEWSYMBOLSKETCH Constrains the section line and detail boundaries to the drawing view geometry.
WELCOMESCREEN Displays the Welcome window when you start the program.
-WORKFLOW (AutoCAD Suites only) Specifies a Suite workflow that prepares your drawing for import into Autodesk Showcase or Autodesk 3ds Max.
WORKFLOW (AutoCAD Suites only) Specifies a Suite workflow that prepares your drawing for import into Autodesk Showcase or Autodesk 3ds Max.

Have I missed any?

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