Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AutoCAD 2014

AutoCAD 2014 will soon be available and you might wonder what’s new.

Command Line Enhancements

Yes, the command line does not go away soon, but rather has been improved quite a lot with AutoCorrect, AutoComplete, Adaptive Suggestions, Synonym Suggestions, Internet Search and more. Unfortunately not everything is yet included if you prefer to use the dynamic input only.

Binary Security

Remember AutoLISP and VBA Security Controls in AutoCAD 2013 SP1? Further work has been done to improve on the security to avoid DWG viruses, AutoLISP worms and the like.

File Tabs

Finally file tabs are included in the core.

Design Feed

Design Feed, accessible from the Autodesk 360 ribbon tab, displays a palette in which you can enter text messages and attach images to be shared online with colleagues, clients, and consultants through Autodesk 360. Posts appear with related drawings on the desktop, on the web, and across mobile devices.

Geolocation and Live maps

Support for Geographic locations has been significantly enhanced. It includes the same Coordinate System Library as AutoCAD Map 3D and new Autodesk Live Maps.

Reality Capture

Reality Capture enables you to take a 3D laser scan of an object, topography, a building or even an entire town and attach it to an AutoCAD drawing as point cloud data. You can then use it as a real‐world reference for your design work. This point cloud data is stored as thousands, even millions, of points in 3D space.

Point Cloud

Point cloud functionality is enhanced in AutoCAD 2014 to support inserting of Point Cloud Project (RCP) and Scan (RCS) files produced by Autodesk ReCap.

Finally there are also several minor updates like Arc Creation, FILLET and CHAMFER on Polylines and Xref Manager.

AutoCAD for Mac 2014 is not yet available.

Most of JTB World’s software just works with AutoCAD 2014 with no upgrade needed.

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