Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HTools Menu for AutoCAD

HTools Menu for AutoCAD is a plugin for AutoCAD that adds several useful functions.


  • Save Session.
  • Load Last Session.
  • Purge Folder including Sub Folders.
  • Convert Folder Dwg to Dxf.
  • Convert Folder Dxf to Dwg.
  • Convert Folder Dgn to Dwg (only for 2012,2013).
  • Save & Close All Without confirmation.


  • Rotate Texts ByLayer By Angle.
  • Replace in Tolerence.
  • Strech Text By 2 Point.
  • Change Letter Case.
  • Count in Texts and wiche Layers.
  • Joint 2 Text in one.
  • Put Text Index.


  • Unit LTS for Type.
  • Hatch PolyLines in Layer.
  • Dimension To PolyLine on Layer.
  • Scale XY-Polyline-Line-Dimension.
  • Correct Coordinate z=0 For 2D.
  • Calculate Layer Total Length.
  • Calculate Layer Total Area.


  • Replace Text in Layers Name.
  • Move Object-Color to Layer.
  • Move Object-Layer to Color.
  • Delete Object by Type-Layer-Color.
  • Delete Object by Type-Color.
  • Delete ALL OLE Object.


  • Explode All Blocks By Selection.
  • Delete All Blocks By Selection.
  • Zoom Extents All Layouts.
  • Delete Folder All Layouts.
  • Bind All External Reference.

More features will be added upon request.

Visit HTools Menu for AutoCAD for more info.

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