Monday, March 23, 2015

DigSigStamp 1.3 with support for AutoCAD 2016

JTB World’s DigSigStamp for AutoCAD has been updated with bug fixes and support for AutoCAD 2016.

  • This plug-in allows you to specify a block that will change its display when plotted to indicate whether the drawing had a valid digital signature at the time of plotting.
  • The DigSigStamp plugin helps you identify visually when drawings have valid digital signatures. You use one of the plugin's commands to specify blocks to display when a drawing has a valid digital signature and when it does not. You then assign a particular block reference - which usually exists in the title block of your drawing - that will change its display to one of these two block definitions depending on the state of the drawing. The application even works when plotting, an operation that typically invalidates a drawing's digital signature.
  • Available as AutoCAD App (Plug-in) on Autodesk Exchange Apps to purchase or to try.

The following is an example of how the block can look like. The design of them is completely up to you. This drawing has a valid digital certificate.

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