Monday, April 9, 2018

Sheet Set Manager and Sheet List Table # issues

I was seeing this problem in the Autodesk Forum: Sheet Set Manager "Sheet List Table" has strange contents and thought it made a good blog post.

Note how in the example below only Sheet Number 1 and 5 shows correct Sheet Number and Sheet Title. For the test I use AutoCAD 2019.

Sheet 2 has Sheet title “TEST” and Layout name “1 TEST”.

Sheet 2 has Sheet title “TEST #2” and Layout name “2 TEST #2”.

Sheet 3 has Sheet title “TEST” and Layout name “3 TEST #3”.

Sheet 4 has Sheet title “TEST #4” and Layout name “4 TEST”.

Sheet 5 has Sheet title “TEST #5” and Layout name “5 TEST #5” and File name “5 TEST #5.dwg”.

Sheet 6 has Sheet title “TEST” and Layout name “6 TEST 6” and File name “6 TEST #6.dwg”.

If either of the Sheet title, Layout name or File name includes # (number sign, hash, or pound sign) then you will be in trouble.

  • The Sheet Number may be incorrect
  • The Sheet Title may be incorrect
  • If you click through on the hyperlink you can get the “Hyperlink destination cannot be found.” error.

Sheet List Table # issues

Why does Sheet 5 work then?

It uses a workaround by using the character # (very similar to #). It is known as the “fullwidth number sign”. It is a Unicode character that is mainly used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Either copy it from here # or press and hold down the Alt key, type on the numeric keypad 065283 and then release the Alt key.

BricsCAD 18 does not have these problems even though it still lack the hyperlink functionality and update of Sheet List functionality.

BricsCAD Sheet List

If you’re reading this you probably are interested in the Sheet Set Manager. If you have not yet looked at our SSMPropEditor app I suggest you do as it will make your life easier working with Sheet Sets and their various properties. Or look at JTB Sheet Set Creator, JTB DST Tool and JTB Sheet Set Publish.

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