Monday, April 11, 2005

Press release: JTB World releases JTB FlexReport 2.0

2005-04-11 - JTB World releases JTB FlexReport 2.0 that helps IT or CAD Managers to reduce license costs and have better control of the license usage.
Now with even better functionality and reports:

  • Advanced grouping of features, users or servers.
  • Separate usage per server.
  • Detailed user usage logging.
  • Borrow usage is logged.
  • Ability to run as a service.

    JTB FlexReport is a report tool for applications using the FLEXnet / FLEXlm software licensing. Do you want to optimize your software purchases tomorrow? JTB FlexReport is a inexpensive solution that will help you. By the tracking JTB FlexReport does and the graphic reports that can be produced JTB FlexReport will helps you to manage and forecast license usage at your company. Is SAMsuite or SAMreport a too expensive product? Then take a good look at JTB FlexReport.
    JTB FlexReport will help you to see the license usage over the time. This will help you to decide when and how many licenses you will need to purchase next time. Instead of guessing and purchasing more licenses than you really need you can save your money using JTB FlexReport.
    JTB FlexReport can also produce HTML reports showing who uses the licenses right now. Click here for a sample.
    Data is also logged so you can track the usage per user.
    Lets say you have 10 licenses of your software that costs $3,000. Now you have 20 users that shares these licenses. Do you know if you really need these 10 licenses or if you need more now when 2 more users are coming in? If you have JTB FlexReport it will be easier to make a correct decision. If you just need to purchase 1 less license imagine your benefit of using JTB FlexReport.
    Applications and companies that uses FLEXnet / FLEXlm from Macrovision (formerly Globetrotter Software) are many. Over 2500 independent software vendors have used the FLEXnet / FLEXlm family of products. Among them are companies and/or applications from Autodesk, AVEVA (PDMS), Borland, Cadence, CADopia (IntelliCAD), Cognos, EDS, I-Deas, Macromedia, Mathsoft (MathCAD), Mathworks (Matlab), Pixar, Platform, Progman/Cadcom, PTC (Pro-Engineer), Rasterx (RxView), Softimage, Solidworks, Sybase, WindRiver, etc.
    Look at the PowerPoint presentation about JTB FlexReport Make sure you view the show since it's animated. Press F5 in PowerPoint.
    Get JTB FlexReport and join other users around the globe like VOLVO IT, Imation, Leica Geosystems, COWI AS, Boyle Engineering, WD Partners, Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems and Berkley Lab.

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