Friday, April 1, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 and formulas in fields, tables and the calculator

A great addition is formulas that can be used in fields, tables and the calculator. The question is what functions can be used? I've searched the documentation and found that the QuickCalc Calculator, CAL supports some standard numeric functions. Here is the list: abs,acos,asin,atan,cos,d2r,exp,exp10,ln,log,pi,r2d,round,sin,sqr,sqrt,tang,trunc as well as these operators: ^,*,/,+,-,(,). Even though it's not specifically documented these functions and operators can be used in formulas in fields and tables. When checking further on the formulas in fields I found that when you are editing a formula you can insert new fields. In the sample showed on the image I've grabbed the length of a line and rounded it to the nearest value that is a multiple of 5.

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