Thursday, March 15, 2007

Starting AutoCAD Architecture 2008

Essential Task Movies

You need sound card on you PC to hear Amy Fietkau, Autodesk Architectural Desktop expert when running the following movies.

  • Managing Your Drawings - Duration 5:00 minutes
  • Create Spaces to Calculate Area- Duration 0:40 minutes
  • Creating Color-Filled Presentation Plans - Duration 0:30 minutes
  • Laying Out Floor Plans - Duration 3:10 minutes
  • Creating Schedules - Duration 1:20 minutes
  • Making Floor Plan Revisions - Duration 1:20 minutes
  • Creating Sections - Duration 0:50 minutes
  • Detailing Your Designs - Duration 1:40 minutes

The Essential Task Movies are later also available if you open Help and on the right below General Information you will find a link to them.

User Interface Overview

Shows a clickable image that describes the UI for ACA 2008.

At the bottom there are links to create a PDF of the overview.

The User Interface Overview is later also available if you open Help and on the right below General Information you will find a link to it.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources is available from the Help menu later on as well.

New Features Workshop

This is one of the best ways to learn what is new in ACA 2008 compared to the older versions Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007 (ADT 2007) and Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2006 (ADT 2006).

New Features Workshop is available from the Help menu later on as well.

AutoCAD to AutoCAD Architecture Task Comparisions

This will open the Help file at the A Quick Start for Transitioning from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Architecture section and let you know for example that to create Space Plans in AutoCAD you use Polyline and Hatch but in ACA 2008 you use Spaces.

If you have previously accomplished your architectural tasks with AutoCAD and want to transition to using AutoCAD Architecture, you will find that using tools specifically designed for architects provides additional productivity and benefits over the AutoCAD drafting methods you used before.

This quick overview of tasks and how to accomplish them in AutoCAD Architecture can help you get an easy start. For additional information, watch short movies which you can find on the Welcome to AutoCAD Architecture 2008 page, the Learning Resources page, or the main Help page.


To continue you need to press next. You will come to the Workspaces dialog box where you can select your initial workspace. If you don't want to see the welcome screen every time you start ACA you need to select "Don't show me this again". If you for some reason want to see it again you can run Options>System>Show all warning messages.

Welcome to the world of ACA. I can truly recommend upgrading even though there does not seem to be as many new things as one wished.


  1. if I open cad (mep2009) & browse to a new drawing, the welcome screen still pops up regardless of unchecking the box. any clue where this may be stuck & how to override??

  2. If you get stuck with this new version then one thing that you can do to know what is new and how to get ride of it is to just go through the older versions of AutoDesk Architectural Desktop. This will help you to come out of your problem.

  3. You may try this hard fix.
    Rename your C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Architecture 2009\Aec1stExperience.arx

    There might be that you have write restrictions to some folders or that you don’t have full user rights like administrator on your PC.
    %APPDATA%\Autodesk\ACD-A 2008\enu\Support\Profiles might be read only for example.


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