Saturday, March 31, 2007

DOSLib 7.5 supports AutoCAD 2008

If you use AutoLISP take a look at DOSLib. It has almost 200 useful functions.
What's new in DOSLib 7.5?
  • Supports AutoCAD 2008 (32 and 64-bit).
  • dos_hatcharea - Returns the area of a hatch object.
  • dos_hideobjects - Hides one or more AutoCAD entities.
  • dos_hlstorgb - Converts an HLS color into RGB format.
  • dos_isinsidecurve - Verifies a point lies inside of a closed, planar curve.
  • dos_linetypebox - Display AutoCAD's linetype selection dialog box.
  • dos_mergefiles - Merges two or more files into a single file.
  • dos_msgboxchk - Displays a "Do not show this dialog box" message box.
  • dos_plinecentroid - Returns the centroid of a closed, planar polyline.
  • dos_rgbtohls - Converts an RGB color into HLS format.
  • dos_showobjects - Shows, or unhides, one or more AutoCAD entities.
  • dos_strformat - Formats string similar to the sprintf C-Runtime library function.
  • dos_strformatcurrency - Formats a number as a currency string.
  • dos_strformatnumber - Formats a number as a number string.
  • dos_traywnd - Displays a popup tray window.

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