Tuesday, July 3, 2007

JTB FlexReport 3.4 now with email notifications

JTB FlexReport 3.4 has now been released.

The big news is support for email notifications when specified thresholds are reached for the license usage of network licenses based on Macrovision's FLEXlm/FLEXnet.

Another addition is full support for features or modules that uses license tokens. One example of usage is to get a report on total monthly Token-hours per user or a group of users.

Other than that there are new detailed reports as well as other under the hood performance improvements.

Report for Concurrent Usage Per Day or Month with Max usage, Min usage, Avg usage and Standard deviation.


Here is some background on token based licenses. This is a license that includes a pool of tokens (say 20) and a bunch of software modules.  Each module has a certain token value.  Each time a user wants to use one of modules the License manager sees if there is sufficient tokens in the pool.  So for example, if 20 users wanted to use software "AAA" and this software AAA had a token value of 1 then there would be no problem since the total simultaneous token usage does not exceed 20.  When each users stops using the software the token is returned to the token pool for use elsewhere.

What the License Owner wants to do is to determine on a monthly basis how many "Token-Hours" each user used.  So for example if it was AAA which has a value of 1 token and the users used that at various days during the month for a total of 10 hours then there would be 10 Token-Hours for that user.  If instead of AAA lets say this user used BBB which let us say has a token value of 2.  So for the same 10 hours we would see a Token-Hour total for this user of 20 hours (i.e., 10 hours X token value of 2).  If another user used AAA for 5 hours and BBB for 10 Hours then the total Token Hours would be 25 for that user.  

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