Monday, July 30, 2007

TimberTool for AutoCAD Architecture

TimberTool is a program that I initially made after a request from one ACA user but that probably others can find useful as well.

  • TimberTool is an add-on to AutoCAD Architecture or ADT based products.
  • TimberTool makes it easy to convert closed polylines into mass elements and makes the bounding box width and depth correct for scheduling purposes.
  • The product was initially created for usage with timber but works with structural steel or concrete shapes.
  • See this short video on how it can be used. (I used Jing for that)
  • More about it at my website:

    Conversion using ExtrudeLinework (notice that the bounding box is not correct).

    Result after using TimberTool

    Using ExtrudeLinework notice that the Width and Depth is based on the bounding box not the actual mass element.

    Notice that after using TimberTool the Width and Depth is correct as expected to be.

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