Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Network license news in AutoCAD 2009

acad2009 Prior version support is the new thing for the 2009 products (soon to be available) when it comes to network licensing. When new licenses are generated for subscription customers the license file will allow the current and three past versions to run. Autodesk Network licensing tools include the Network License Manager, the Network License Activation utility, the FLEXnet (sometimes still referred as FLEXlm) configuration tools, and SAMreport-Lite. SAMreport-Lite from Macrovision is still the old 3.6 version from 2006.

If you want something better, easier and more flexible consider JTB FlexReport that among many things supports all your other vendors FLEXnet licenses as well as features like combining of multiple versions so you can make sure you follow your subscription contract.

Software Requirement Notes: Windows Vista 32-bit Windows XP 32-bit Windows 2003 Server Edition Windows 2000 Professional Windows 2000 Server Edition Windows Server 2003 R2 is still not mentioned but probably works anyway. Windows Server 2008 SP1 is neither mentioned but I think it will work with the 32-bit version. 64-bit OS seems still not to be supported. Virtual machines like Microsoft Virtual PC or server and VMWare AutoCAD 2009-based products require FLEXnet version 11.4.1 (or 11.4.100 as it says) or later. If you are currently using a version of FLEXnet that is earlier than 11.4.1, you need to upgrade to version 11.4.1 or later. The most simple way to upgrade is described here.

The latest version of the FLEXnet files are found here except the AutoCAD daemon adskflex.exe that is found on the installation DVD. Version 11.4.1 of the FLEXnet license manager that ships with AutoCAD 2009-based products is backwards compatible and will administer licenses for the Autodesk 2008-, 2007-, 2006-, 2005-, 2004-, and 2002-based products as well as products from other vendors. 57600ACD_2009_0F is the FLEXnet feature code for AutoCAD 2009.

The registry hack to change from SLM to NLM will not work completely with AutoCAD 2009 so if you have a standalone installation you need to uninstall completely before installing the network one. Using the registry hack, the cascading licensing service doesn’t install, so cascading will not work, if you install network version then PLU doesn’t install and user will not be able to transfer his license.

See also Change AutoCAD network to standalone to network on how to get the cascading licensing service installed.

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