Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Usage of mpt.lsp in AutoCAD

I got the following question regarding the free AutoLISP program mpt.lsp.

"I don't understand the use of these. How do I use them in a way that does not cancel my running command?"

I guess it could be that this user added for example the command MPT to a menu using ^C^CMPT. To have the command running transparently it needs to be 'MPT instead.

Below is a small video showing the usage of the four helper commands:

  • MPT - Midpoint of 2 points
  • 3PT - 1/3:rd point of 2 points
  • 4PT - 1/4:th point of 2 points
  • MPT3 - Midpoint of 3 points

First mpt.lsp needs to be loaded and acaddoc.lsp is a good way or the APPLOAD command's Startup Suit.

CUI can be used to create a command that is then added to the Object Snap Cursor Menu.


And now it is available on the object snap menu.

Right click menu

I used AutoCAD 2009 in this short demonstration.

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