Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mysteries of Autodesk's Caves - dynamic blocks programming

Andrey Lazebny has written in a lively joke manner this story that has been translated, edited and published by Nikolay N. Poleshchuk.

It is possible to create a dynamic block in AutoCAD having multiple visibility parameters using AutoLISP and Visual LISP. Learn how to add new visibility parameters to a dynamic block already having visibility parameter, rearrange custom properties, access and use ACAD_EVALUATION_GRAPH and BLOCKVISIBILITYPARAMETER dictionaries, BLOCKGRIPLOCATIONCOMPONENT and more.

On programming access to dynamic blocks from AutoLISP has the story as well as the source code.

Below you can see a block with 10 visibility parameters.

block with 10 visibility parameters


  1. the lsp program doesn't work in 2009 for me. It crashes Autocad as soon as you go to add the second visibility parameter. But it did work in 2008. Pretty neat.

    I couldn't figure out how or if it's possible to hide a visibility parameter so that it only shows up in one state so that you could do nested dynamic blocks.

    Still pretty neat. I doubt I'd use it, as it would confuse other people. I'm sure it's more useful as an example for someone checking out the LISP code behind it, rather than someone actually using the block utilities.

  2. After playing around with it some more it works in 2009 now, weird.

  3. Evan, thanks for sharing your comments. Might be a "mystery" why it didn't work the first time in 2009. :)


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