Monday, October 26, 2009

ACAD_db 1.0 released – sync block attributes with database

Make use of AutoCAD together with an external database. Block attribute values can automatically be updated back and forth to one or many external databases. If you make changes to the attribute values they can be synchronized back to the external database and the other way around.

With the new ACAD_db from JTB World this is now possible. ACAD_db works with AutoCAD and all its verticals. Use for example Access, SQL Server, SQL Server Express, Oracle, ODBC or Excel as your database.


There are three sync methods available and can be set individually for each attribute to synchronize.

  • Sync in both directions.
  • Sync only from the drawing to the database.
  • Sync only from the database to the drawing.

Some information might be useful to sync in both directions while other information like dimensions needs AutoCAD to be the owner. Other information like price might best be owned by the database.

    Contact us to get a time limited license file for free and try ACAD_db in your environment.

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