Thursday, March 25, 2010

AutoCAD 2011

AutoCAD 2011 is now released. The big news are:

  • Surface Modeling - NURBS surfaces
  • Point Cloud Files
  • Materials Browser
  • Parametric Drawing - Infer Constraints
  • Object Transparency
  • Polylines - multi-functional grips

AutoCAD 2011 Help online:
New Features Workshop:

The AutoCAD 2011 page will continually be updated as well as posts made on this blog.


  1. For any CAD monkeys that grind out drawings (ie most users) there are no changes. Just an annoyance and an upgrade cost to the employer, instead of your pay rise. Nice easy money Autodesk.

  2. If that user works a lot with polylines and hatches AutoCAD 2011 might be useful. But as always it is the user that needs to decide if it is worth the upgrade or not. There are also other things that might or might not be useful for a 2D drafter like object isolation, select similar, add selected and so on. Of course there are for some of this there are even free AutoLISP commands available but not all CAD drafters know such tools exists.


    New features workshop, and, it sort of looks like the behaviours you get in Inventor.


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