Monday, March 1, 2010

How to use unsupported characters in Sheet Set Manager

For SSM Sheet title and Sheet number not all characters are supported.
These characters are not supported by Autodesk: \ < > / ? " : ; * | , = `

The character names are backslash, angle brackets (less than and greater than), slash (forward slash), question mark, double "straight" quotation mark, colon, semicolon, asterisk, vertical bar (pipe), comma, equality sign (equals sign) and grave accent.

There are workarounds to use similar characters like the solution to Add a comma to the sheet title of a sheet in AutoCAD.

I’m working on a new release of SSMPropEditor and considered to add a test to warn the user but still allow these characters. In the current version there is no test for these characters and they do show up in AutoCAD’s Sheet Set Manager if they are entered within SSMPropEditor.

Unsupported characters showing in SSM

The only problem I’ve seen is that if you in AutoCAD try to edit the Sheet Properties you will not be able to make changes and still keep these characters there.

Update: Have you got “The name cannot be longer than 64 characters”? This can also be worked around using SSMPropEditor.

Please comment in below if you think I should remove the ability to enter these characters as it might have unexpected side effects. Or do you think this can be a useful workaround?

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