Monday, March 29, 2010

Autodesk Asset Locator

With AutoCAD 2011 and other 2011 product comes the Autodesk Asset Locator (previously known as Autodesk Product Manager) with updated bin file to find all 2011 products. Autodesk Product Manager is no longer supported by Autodesk.

AAL 1.0 was released earlier this year searches a network and reports information about each Autodesk product installed, including programs, service packs, extensions, and object enablers. You can save the results of the search in a file for use in a spreadsheet or database application.

Knowledge Base document: Applications searched for by the Autodesk Asset Locator

As before "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Tools and Utilities\Autodesk Asset Locator\AdpmProducts.bin" can be modified in Notepad or an XML editor to support other products, even non Autodesk products. If you made modifications you will find them in the Help menu and Products Searched.

There will probably soon be possible to download just the updated AdpmProducts.bin.

The Autodesk Asset Locator is available for download at the following link:
Autodesk Asset Locator

UPDATE: The Autodesk Asset Locator and its follow up product Autodesk Inventory Advisor have both been retired by Autodesk. See also our SAM product JTB FlexReport.

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