Friday, May 7, 2010

AutoCAD 2011 training video

Looking for great AutoCAD training for yourself or your users? No previous AutoCAD knowledge and experience needed.
AutoCAD is an industry standard design and documentation software program that is easy to learn, but complex to master. In this video training CD, expert author Brian Benton guides you through the fundamentals of AutoCAD 2011 and teaches you everything you need to know to be on your way to becoming an fully functioning AutoCAD user. Starting with the basics what AutoCAD can do, Brian quickly brings you up to speed on the interface, and then dives right into applying the basics, and ends each important chapter with a project that reviews everything you have learned in each section. Using this hands on approach allows you to more quickly absorb and apply the material being communicated, increasing your retention and understanding of AutoCAD 2011. By the completion of this 10 hour tutorial, you will be familiar and comfortable with AutoCAD, and capable of drawing, decorating and annotating an AutoCAD project. Also included are work files to allow you to work along side the author, and further understand what he is showing you, step by step. The training consists of 103 mini-lessons.
The video is available here as download or DVD.
Brian Benton has done a great work putting together this educational material now also for AutoCAD 2011. Check out Brian Benton’s blog CAD-a-Blog as well.
Here are the main chapters of the AutoCAD 2011 Fundamentals Video:
  • Getting Started
  • New Features in AutoCAD 2011
  • Interfacing With AutoCAD
  • Basic Operations
  • Drawing & Drafting Tools
  • Editing Tools
  • Utilities: Tools To Know What's Going On
  • Precision Tools: Tricks To Help You Draw Accurately
  • AutoCAD: Using Layers
  • Annotations
  • Blocks
  • Model Space And Paper Space
  • Plot & Publish
  • Final Project
  • About The Author
If you would be interested in doing a similar training video about Revit please contact me and I can get you in contact with the video producers.
This is an affiliated ad blog post but I do recommend this product. I try to avoid random ads like Google ads that I cannot stand behind and control.

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